Facebook Dating Tips 2021 – What Should I Write In My Dating Profile on Facebook | Is Facebook Dating Any Good

Speaking of Facebook Dating Tips 2021, do you want to know how to go about it right? Well follow me on this article and you won’t be disappointed. Facebook dating helps singles to mingle and find meaningful relationships online that could lead to something serious.

Facebook Dating Tips

Facebook dating is a way out for those of that have a busy schedule without getting the chance to go out and date. Who says you can only date like that, well with so many online dating on board facebook has succeeded in taking over the online dating market.

For you to access Facebook dating, you must be 18 years and above else you cannot access the feature, remember facebook has you details so unless you are up to the dating age qualification, you can’t date on their dating platform.

The best part is that the facebook dating app is free, as in it costs nothing to use the dating app, no subscription or membership fees required, unlike the other dating apps that require all this.

Facebook Dating Tips 2021

To opt into the Facebook dating platform is quite easy and fast. If the dating app is available in your area, you can activate it by tapping on “Dating” on your facebook account. if the dating app has not yet been rolled out to your region, you won’t be able to access the dating app.

The facebook dating feature is inside the facebook app itself and cannot be downloaded separately. For you to access the dating app you will have to be a facebook user, if not you will need to download the facebook app from your play store or iOS.

Your Dating profile is not known to your Facebook friends and anyone who is not using the Dating service. Nothing will be posted on your Newsfeed. Your facebook friends, or the ones that you’ve blocked, won’t be suggested to you as matches. However, friends of friends can be suggested as matches unless you turn that feature off.

Is Facebook Dating Any Good

The fact is that everybody has their own different opinion on things, so some may like the apps and it might not be good enough for others. But to me, the Facebook Dating app is a perfectly good dating app. The biggest plus in the Facebook Dating app is that it’s completely free matching and messaging features like I earlier mentioned above.

It doesn’t require you to pay any hidden fees neither does it charges for membership subscriptions. The dating service is 100% free from start to finish.

What Does the Purple Star Mean On Facebook Dating?

The purple Star represents the Super Swipe. If you do send a Super Swipe, this means or is indicating that you have agreed to the member’s profile.

What Should I Write In My Dating Profile on Facebook

You don’t have to stress your brain on what to write on your dating profile on facebook. Just simply write a short anecdote or you can pick three adjectives to write about you, and then use the space to give a vivid context and details. Feel free to also give a little detail about what you want in a potential partner.


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