Facebook Dating Good or Bad – Is Facebook Dating Still a Thing | Is Facebook Dating Gone 2021

Speaking of Facebook Dating Good or Bad, Facebook the social media giant has always been known for linking billions of individuals all over the world. And recently they introduced the FB dating feature that helps people in hooking up and also meeting the love of their lives.

Facebook Dating Good or Bad

The good thing about this dating app is the way FB collects information of their users and ensures to make a successful match of their users based on their interests, groups, and their preferences.

Facebook Dating Good or Bad

It’s hard to say how good or bad FB dating is because different people have different opinions. However, the app is good if not better than the other dating apps.

To get started with the dating app, you will have to open or download the FB mobile app and sign in using your existing FB information. The dating feature is not a stand-alone app, thus it requires you to have or use the FB app. the dating app is inbuilt into the Facebook app.

For you to access the Facebook dating app, you will have to be 18 years of age and above. You will also have to create a separate dating profile to start with the dating app. you don’t have to worry about privacy as your dating profile will not be seen by your Facebook friends and you won’t be matched with them either.

Is Facebook Dating Good for Hookups

In an announcement about the feature by the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook Dating is “not just for hookups” but also to build “meaningful, long-term relationships.”

That appeared to be just like a direct swipe at Tinder, a service that is best known for hooking people up with people they find attractive by showing them their photo, age.

Is Facebook Dating Still a Thing?

Well yes, FB dating is still very well on board. But also have it in mind that there is no separate FB Dating app or Facebook Dating site the feature is embedded into the FB mobile app.

If in the long run, you become friends on FB  with someone after matching with them on FB Dating, you can still see their dating profile.

What Happens When You Like Someone on Facebook Dating

FB will never match you with your FB friends, but If they’re also on FB Dating, you can add them as your secret crush and they will get a notification that “someone” not specifically you have a crush on them.

If both of you happen to add each other as a Secret Crush, your names will be revealed to both of you and the two of you will match. You can also choose to remove Secret Crushes at any time.

Is Facebook Dating Gone 2021?

As of 2021, FB dating has not been made available or rolled out to all countries yet, but it’s still very much available in selective countries on iOS and Android devices.

Enabling and accessing this dating service is not a hard task, as you only need an FB account. After which you can create a dating profile, and just like that you can start dating on FB.


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