Best Cameras for Streaming On Twitch

Selecting the Best cameras for streaming on twitch is very essential if you wish to get the very best in terms of video quality.

Best Cameras for Streaming On Twitch

Yes, you can make use of the basic webcam that is included on your desktop or laptop computer, but we all know that the result you will get will not be as good as when you use a dedicated streaming camera.

Using a dedicated streaming camera will not just boost your content but will also go a long way in boosting your followers.

Best Cameras for Streaming On Twitch

For the above reason, I have put together a list to help guide you in selecting the best camera for streaming. There are mainly two main categories; therefore I have decided to share my recommendations in two main parts.

First in regards to my recommendation is the webcams that plug directly into your computer which is, of course, a simple way to stream. These types of cameras are ideal if you want a camera for video calls or streaming on your computer. If however, you want a camera that can also take photos and videos, then you will have to check out the cameras and camcorder section.

The Best Camera for Streaming In 2022

In this post, I will begin with the streaming webcams before going into the cameras and camcorders. Below are the best cameras for streaming in Twitch 2022;

Logitech Streamcam

This webcam is designed for streamers and it does just about everything that you need. It has a resolution of 1080p and a frame rate of 60fps at 1080p. this webcam has a field view of 78 degrees and a size of 58 X 66 48 mm. it can be connected using a USB-C cord and it weighs 150g.

Logitech C922 Pro

This is a versatile webcam and it is the best camera for streaming all-round. Its specifications include;

  • Resolution – 1080p recording and 720p live streaming features.
  • Film rate – 30fps at 1080p, 60fps at 720p.
  • Field view – 78 degrees.
  • Size – 44 x 95 x 71mm.

Legato Facecam

This is a simple webcam, yet high quality that also offers a pleasing depth of control. Its specifications include;

  • Resolution – 1080p
  • Film rate – 60fps at 1080p
  • Field view – 82 degrees.
  • Size – 58 x 80 x 48 mm
  • Connectivity – USB 3.0, USB-C
  • Weight – 103g

Razer Kiyo

This is the best webcam when it comes to integrated light and it is also great for full HD video recording. The specifications for this webcam include;

  • Resolution – 1080p or 720p.
  • Frame rate – 30fps at 1080, 60fps at 720p.
  • Field view – 90 degrees.
  • Size – 69 x 69 x 48mm.
  • Weight – 200g.

MEVO Start

This is the best webcam for PTZ streaming. The specification of this webcam includes;

  • Resolution – 1080p
  • Zoom/digital – digital zoom.
  • Frame rate – 30fps at 1080p.
  • Field view – 84 degrees.
  • Size – 34 x 75 x 87mm
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi (NDI), USB-C, 3.5mm mic
  • Weight – 232g.

PlayStation 5 HD Camera

If you have got a PS5, then you need this camera to stream. Its specification includes;

  • Resolution – 1080p
  • Size – 198 x 121 x 70mm
  • Weight – 317.5g.

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

If you are on a tight budget, then this is the best camera for your streaming pleasure. Below are the specifications;

  • Resolution – 720p
  • Frame rate – 30fps
  • Field view – 60 degrees
  • Size – 44 x 39 x 109mm
  • Weight – 90.7g

GoPro Hero10 Black

This camera is a versatile action camera that also offers high-quality live streaming. The specifications include;

  • Resolution – 5.3k ultra HD with HDR (streaming limited to 1080p).
  • Frame rate – 60fps at 5.3k and 120fps at 4k
  • Field view – 132 degrees.
  • Size – 71 x 55 x 33.6mm
  • Weight – 153g.

DJI Action 2

This is the best webcam with integrated light and it is also great for full HD video recording. The specifications for the webcam include;

  • Resolution – 4k with streaming limited to 1080p.
  • Frame rate – 120fps at 4k.
  • Field view – 155 degrees.
  • Size – 39 x 39 x 23mm.
  • Weight 57g.

Panasonic HC-V770

This full HD camcorder is a highly regarded one and it is perfect for twitch or YouTube. Its specifications include;

  • Resolution – 1080p with HDR.
  • Frame rate – 120fps at 1080p or 240fps with interpolated software.
  • Field of view – 4.08-81.6mm focal length.
  • Size – 65 x 139 x 73 mm.
  • Weight – 354g.

These are the top best cameras for streaming on twitch.


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