How to Fix Netflix Streaming in 4K Problem – Netflix Streaming Plans

How to Fix Netflix Streaming in 4K Problem. Watching your favorite Netflix show and movies in the best way possible is to stream it in 4K. with 4k, you would get the highest possible quality of the movie. And streaming in 4k offers you the best details, crisp visuals, and vivid colors.

How to Fix Netflix Streaming in 4K Problem

However, if you are streaming Netflix, and the quality is not what you expect it to be, or is not mind-blowing, then you are not streaming in 4K.

How to Fix Netflix Streaming in 4K Problem

There are tons of reasons why Netflix is not streaming at 4K. The problem might actually be:

  • in your Netflix Plan
  • the internet connection you are making use of
  • The device that you are making
  • Or probably in your Netflix settings.

This article would offer you details on why your Netflix is not streaming in 4K and learn how you can fix it. Just keep on reading.

Netflix Streaming Plans

Before we head further, you need to make sure that the Netflix plan you are making use of offers support for 4K streaming. Below are Netflix Plans that you can subscribe to.

  • Basic ($8.99/month): One screen, no HD

Standard ($13.99/month): Two screens, basic HD (up to 1080p)

  • Premium ($15.99/month): Four screens, Ultra HD (up to 4K)

If you are making use of the premium plan, Netflix should be available for you in 4K. if you cannot get it to stream in high quality, first you need to make sure that the title is available for you in 4K.

Netflix doesn’t disclose this on the title cards, but searching for “4K” in the search bar would only display titles that offer Ultra HD streaming. If the movie or show that you want to watch is only available in 4K, then you just need to make some adjustments to your Netflix settings.

Check your Netflix Settings

By default, every Netflix plan does not stream in 4K. The default streaming quality settings has been set to “auto,” and this means that the best possible mix of quality and data usage. Well, to be sure that your streaming is in 4K, you should make changes to the settings, and set it to the highest possible option.

Check Your device

If you happen to be watching on your TV, a laptop, a mobile device, or making use of the streaming box, it’s possible that your particular device is not compatible with 4K. in this situation, Netflix might still offer you streaming at 4K but your device won’t display it as such.

Lots of modern TVs might actually stream at 4K, but there are lots of plenty things that are only HD-ready and those do not offer to stream in 4K. Similarly, offering streaming boxes would usually come in several Variants, and oftentimes only the highest possible configuration offers 4K streaming.

 Test Your Internet Connection

As Stated by Netflix, you would be required to have a steady connection speed moving at 25 megabits per second or higher” in order to watch in 4K Ultra HD. Even if you possess an internet plan that goes above the speed, it is very possible that your actual connection is not fast enough.

Check your connection speed via a quick and easy internet speed test.


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