Redfall Could Easily Solve One of the Biggest Problems with Co-Op Shooters

Redfall could easily solve one of the biggest problems with co-op shooters. It now looks like Redfall will not be leaving solo players high and dry.

Redfall Could Easily Solve One of the Biggest Problems with Co-Op Shooters

Developer Arkane now confirms that the cooperative shooter is now set to be as accommodating to solo players as it will group of not more than four players.

Redfall Could Easily Solve One of the Biggest Problems with Co-Op Shooters

In a blog post on Bethesda’s official website, Arkane talked more about Redfall. The game that is set to launch on PC, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox game pass in 2023 will be focusing more on the solo experience of players.

The blog post reads that ‘Redfall can be soloed with any of the heroes. The pace becomes more exploratory; you can use recon and stealth to gather info on encounters and avoid enemies or get the drop on them.’

The post also hit emphasis on the fact that solo players will not be joined by AI teammates. With that being said, hopes are kind of high as this could mean that Redfall could be a more immersive game when played solo and in the process giving players the option to take things slow and really go through the environment for vantage points and secrets.

Has Arkane Really Solved A Co-Op Shooter Problem?

Well, this is one question on the lips of many gamers at the moment. Similar to co-op games such as Back 4 Blood offers solo play as an option to games but it usually emphasizes multiplayer as the best way to play. Additionally, co-op shooters also tend to feature AI stand-ins when the roster is not yet filled out by real players.

However, Arkane here is looking in the opposite direction by staying through to its strengths as a developer. Games such as Deathloop and Prey show off the prowess of the developer for single player-driven experiences. It’s quite understandable that Arkane would want to stay true to what it it’s and keep it the same in Redfall.

What Gamers Think

Many gamers would agree with me that having a co-op play to be the focus of a game is not really a bad thing. But that kind of focus normally makes it kind of hard to stop and smell the roses if you know what I mean. Redfall’s open-world type of design by contrast looks like it would be a great fit if not perfect for a solo adventure. And as such we are happy to see that Arkane is pursuing to make the single player experience just as exciting as the multiple player component.

Multiplayer and co-op games live and die by their community too and if Redfall does not have a strong single-player base to back things up, it could just be forgotten so easily after its launch as players would immediately move on to other types of games. Arkane however looks to not be giving the issue serious thoughts simply by not forgetting solo players totally.


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