A Key Video Upgrade Could Be Added To the Samsung Galaxy S23 Selfie Camera

A key video upgrade could be added to the Samsung Galaxy S23 selfie camera. With this being said, it simply means there will be no more 10mp cameras.

A Key Video Upgrade Could Be Added To the Samsung Galaxy S23 Selfie Camera

A Key Video Upgrade Could Be Added To the Samsung Galaxy S23 Selfie Camera

Although being months away from launch, leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S23 have already been making rounds on the internet and one of the many major leaks already suggests that the selfie camera on this yet-to-be-released smartphone from Samsung will be getting an upgrade. Many enthusiasts and fans are really excited about this upgrade and hope it is true when the device finally launches.

The leaks however are coming from the popular Samsung news site, GalaxyClub. And according to reports from the website, it shows that Samsung will be apparently making a bump to the resolution on the front-facing camera up to 12MP.

This increase will mark the first in regards to resolution since 2019 when the galaxy S10 was upgraded to 10MP. The news however relates only to the standard and plus Samsung galaxy S23 models. The ultra-model on the other hand has always had a high-res camera up front.

What a Selfie Camera Increase Means For You

A selfie camera increase in resolution does not just mean that your face would be having more pixels when you snap it with your phone. This also means that 12MP would help to facilitate 4K video recording on the front camera and in the process allow you to take better-looking movies and films using the camera and snapper. Many premium phones in the market today already offer a 4K selfie recording feature and with this new development, it now seems that Samsung is set to finally follow suit.

Well, enthusiasts patiently waiting for this new phone and the proposed upgrade in its selfie camera should note that a 12MP camera does not guarantee that Samsung will enable 4K video recording. The tech company already has some budget phones in the market with higher-res front cameras such as the galaxy A53 with a 32MP snapper, but it however does not have the option for high-resolution video recording in its software.

At the moment we have nothing to o but to wait to see what actually Samsung comes up with and ends up doing and whether this upgrade will even see the light of day.


One thing we should all know is that whether the Samsung Galaxy S23 eventually gets a 12MP front-facing camera, it is not going to become a selfie powerhouse at once as there are lots of other phones out there at the moment with self-portrait photography features as a key selling point.

One example of such a device is the Vivo V23 which has a 44MP front-facing camera and also a secondary depth snapper used for taking great and good-looking snaps. Another device with such capabilities is the Moto edge X30 which unfortunately only went on sale in china. The smartphone had a 60MP selfie snapper and in some models of the very hone, the lens was placed directly under the display.


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