RasMal Acquires Pentugram for Its Proposed Expansion into Private Capital Management

RasMal acquires Pentugram for its proposed expansion into private capital management. RasMal, a Saudi equity management platform, has acquired Pentugram, a cloud-based SaaS tool automating investment processes for investors. The acquisition was made for an undisclosed amount.

RasMal Acquires Pentugram

RasMal Acquires Pentugram

The acquisition of Pentugram by RasMal represents a strategic move aimed at reinforcing RasMal’s commitment to supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem and simplifying fundraising and investment processes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

By integrating Pentugram’s cloud-based SaaS platform into its offerings, RasMal aims to provide investors and fund managers with feature-rich solutions for portfolio management, deal sourcing, and seamless reporting capabilities.

Pentugram, founded in 2018 by Hasan J. Zainal and Miled Elias, is a regional leader in automating investment processes for venture capital (VC), angel investors, private equity (PE), and financial advisors. The platform streamlines the entire investment process, from deal sourcing to portfolio management, and boasts a substantial client base that includes VCs across the MENA region.

RasMal Saudi Arabia’s Business Landscape

RasMal, launched in 2019 by Basil Alkuraya, Nasser Al-Tamimi, and Salem Aljawini, has emerged as a critical player in Saudi Arabia’s business landscape, offering cap table management solutions to businesses and solidifying partnerships with local and regional partners.

With this acquisition, RasMal is expanding its focus to private capital investment management solutions, aligning with its vision of fostering increased efficiency and transparency in the MENA investment landscape.

According to RasMal’s COO, Nasser Al-Tamimi, the acquisition of Pentugram represents an initial step in expanding RasMal’s offerings beyond private companies. The shared vision of providing relevant solutions to enhance efficiency and transparency in the MENA investment landscape is the driving force behind the acquisition.

What This Acquisition Means For All Entities Involved

Hasan J. Zainal expressed confidence that Pentugram’s platform, coupled with RasMal’s acquisition, will broaden its accessibility to a wider array of asset managers beyond venture capitalists, ultimately leading to enhanced returns for all users.

The co-founders developed Pentugram with the goal of centralizing data to improve decision-making throughout the investment process and unlocking additional value through future data analysis.


Overall, the acquisition of Pentugram by RasMal signifies a strategic alignment of vision and goals aimed at driving innovation and value creation in the MENA investment ecosystem.

With RasMal’s user-friendly tech solutions and Pentugram’s advanced automation platform, investors and fund managers can expect to benefit from enhanced efficiency, transparency, and ultimately, improved investment outcomes.



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