Top 10 Quick Certifications that Pay Well in 2023

This write-up contains the Top 10 quick certifications that will pay well in 2023. What are your goals for this year? Perhaps add some more certifications and qualifications to your resume to boost your portfolio.

Top 10 Quick Certifications that Pay Well in 2023

We aim to give you the best certification programs that are meant to offer you the best value without giving you much stress.

Quick Certifications That Pay Well

There are lots of short certificate programs that pay very well and do not take more than 3 months to 12 months to complete.

After completing such courses, you can choose to pursue a degree in such courses and have even more qualifications.

Quick Certifications Programs

Here are some very quick certification programs that pay very well in 2023;

Makeup Artistry

This is one of the fastest certification programs you can ever take in the year 2023. In theoretical settings, makeup artists apply makeup to performers to reflect settings, periods, and the situations of roles in movies.

The average annual salary of makeup artists ranges from $106,000 to $158,000.

Radiological Technologists

This is one of the highest-paying health quick certification programs you can opt for in 2023. You do not require a bachelor’s degree to have a job in this field. However, you will need an associate degree.

You can also get post-secondary education programs that will lead to graduate certificates and then if you wish, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree later on.

The major function of radiologists is to perform x-rays and other diagnostic imaging examinations on patients with magnetic resonance imaging scanners.

The average annual salaries of these workers range from $60,000 to $93,000.

Phlebotomy Technicians

The major duty of these technicians Is to draw blood for tests, transfusions, research, or donation. These people are tasked with preparing the blood of a patient for lab testing as well as attending to patients who have adverse reactions after their blood has been taken.

To take on this profession, you must undergo hands-on training for 2 to 6 months. The average annual salary of these workers ranger from $36,000 to $51,000

Emergency Medical Technicians

The program used for this type, of course, is one of the quick certifications that pay very well. Some of the people doing these types of jobs are paid as high as $60,000 a year.

This job involves learning how to stabilize patients, deliver cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and insertion of IV lines, deliver babies, management of fractures, and injuries, and provide oxygen to patients.

Both a high school diploma or its equivalent and a CPR certification are needed for entry into postsecondary educational programs in emergency medical technology.

Most of the programs in this field are nondegree award programs that take less than 1 year to complete. However, some can take more than that.

The average annual salary of these workers ranges from $36,000 to $65000.

Fitness Trainers and Instructors

A certificate program in this type of field is one of the best and most profitable short-term courses. This is because of the increase in the number of people seeking help to lose weight or to get into shape.

Fitness trainers can work in hospitals, gyms dance studios, wealthy homes, sports facilities, and other places.

There are lots of accredited online certificate programs that people can enroll in and complete within 6 months depending on your speed.

You will need a high school diploma to get into this career but you can also pursue an associate degree to boost your chances of leading a better job.

The average annual salary of these types of workers ranges from $40,000 to $70,000.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

The major function of these individuals Is to sell and buy properties and help people find new homes. They also negotiate the prices and sign contracts with clients to finalize the buying and selling of properties. To become a real estate broker, you will need to take a course in real estate principles and pass the exam of your state government.

You will need at least 120 hours of training and you must pass the final exam to be a certified real estate broker. Getting a license in this field may take you up to 4 or 5 months.

The average annual salary of these workers ranges from $50,000 to $60,000.


There are different types of welders apart from just metal-on-metal types of welders. soldering is one of the types where you melt solder to join two different objects together.

To perform the role of a solderer, it is best to take an apprenticeship course at your community college with some work experience or get your GED. You can also take a test for solder certification. This can cost around $125.

To take a certification here, you will have to complete about 50 to 150 hours of training. The courses usually last for about 6 months and include hands-on experience.

The average annual salary of these technicians ranges from $30,000 to $40,000.

Computer Support Specialists Programs

This is also one area or field in which you can take quick certifications to get great value. The major function of a computer support specialist is to fix technical issues people are having. This is a perfect type of job for people who are in love with computer systems and technology in general.

To take this program, you must have experience and knowledge In areas such as Microsoft, programming, and systems engineering.

The average annual salary of these specialists ranges from $55,000 to $60,000.


Photography is the best career for people who like attention to detail. People who love taking photos of people, places, buildings, animals, or natural stuff.

Post-secondary education is not compulsory for this type of career unless you want to pursue a career in areas such as scientific or industrial photography, medical photography, and photojournalism.

You can take classes to earn a certificate, diploma, associate, or bachelor’s degree in photography. The programs of photography are offered in colleges, vocational-technical institutes, private trade, technical schools, etc.

The field of photography is a skill in high demand. Therefore, you can even work as a freelancer. With photography, you can earn between $80,000 to $90,000.

Massage Therapists

This is a low-stress profession that pays very well without a degree. If you want to become a massage therapist, you will have to complete a post-secondary program of at least 500 hours of study. All you require for a program in this field is a high school diploma or its equivalent.  This program also covers areas such as anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathology.

The average annual salary of these workers ranges from $40,000 to $80,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Fun Certifications to Get?

The most fun certificates to earn are;

  • Home staging certification.
  • Sailing certification.
  • Fitness instructor certification.
  • Pyrotechnician certification.
  • Active listening certification.

What Is the Easiest Certificate?

The easiest certificates to get are;

  • First aid certifications.
  • Project management certifications.
  • Software certifications.
  • Government certifications.
  • Notary public certification

What are the highest paying Simplest Jobs

Some of the simplest but high-paying jobs are;

  • Word processor
  • Notary public
  • Purchasing agent
  • Groundshaker

Conclusively, it won’t hurt to get an extra certificate to boost your portfolio, choose from any of the programs given in this article to get this extra certification.

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