Kindergarten Teacher Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship – APPLY NOW!

Kindergarten Teacher Job in the USA With Visa Sponsorship – if you are looking for a Kindergarten teaching job in the US, you are in the right place.

Kindergarten Teacher Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

This blog post contains all you need to do and how you can apply for the job. However, there are some requirements needed from you to be able to apply, read on to explore.

Kindergarten Teacher Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

If you are interested in this kindergarten teacher job in the USA with this free Visa sponsorship, you must have a track record of providing excellent learning experiences. Additionally, you also need to have a deep student understanding.

You will get to understand your responsibility as a kindergarten teacher. This position provides related educational services for students in grades k-5. Additionally, kindergarten teacher is titled into a group which is pre-kindergarten teacher, teacher assistant, and more.

What is Visa Sponsorship

A scheme called visa sponsorship enables an American citizen to pay for the admission of a non-citizen to the country. Sadly, the majority of people assume that their sponsor must be a relative.

This isn’t always the case, though, as you could potentially be sponsored by a business or a friend. The sponsor, however, is required by law to be over 18 and to have a stable financial situation.

Kindergarten Teacher

A teacher who works with young children ages four through six, promoting students’ academic, physical, and social development is known as kindergarten.

However, a Kindergarten teacher is in charge of young kids in the world of learning. they help teach kids social skills, basic reading skills, art, music, and personal hygiene.

Who is a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher?

As a pre-kindergarten teacher, you will create a fun, safe environment for students to discover new concepts with confidence through multi-sensory learning experiences.

Assistant Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Assistant pre-kindergarten, or preschool, teachers are in charge of assisting teachers with supervising and educating young students, who are typically three to five years of age. However, you can as well apply for this job in the US.

Kindergarten Teacher Requirements and Common Tasks

Below are the requirements and common tasks kindergarten teachers must do:

  • Kindergarten teachers Educate children in phonics, basic personal hygiene, color, number, shape, and letter recognition, as well as social skills like sharing and socializing with classmates.
  • Teachers frequently read aloud to their classes, lead exercises, and promote class engagement.
  • Using various materials and resources, allow their students to learn through exploration and hands through discovery.
  • Kindergarten teachers As well as preparing materials, classes, and projects for their pupils, teachers also monitor and evaluate their conduct, performance, skills, and social growth.
  • They also watch for potential problems including health, developmental, or emotional issues.
  • They meet with parents of children periodically to inform them of progress and concerns.
  • Teachers and kindergarteners ordinarily stay in one classroom, except when attending assemblies, eating lunch, or having recess.

How to Become a Kindergarten Teacher in the US

Earning a bachelor’s degree is one of the basic requirements for becoming a kindergarten teacher. However, teachers in public schools must have a state-issued teaching certificate. Below at the steps to becoming a kindergarten teacher:

  • Get your bachelor’s in early childhood education or a closely related field.
  • As a part of a teacher preparation program that has received state approval, complete a student teaching internship in a kindergarten classroom.
  • Take the tests that your state requires of potential kindergarten instructors.
  • Get a teaching license by applying.
  • Start submitting applications for available kindergarten teaching positions.

Additionally, state teaching licenses may not always require a bachelor’s degree, but Teachers of kindergarten in private schools must have one.

Responsibilities of Kindergarten Teacher Job in the USA

What are the responsibilities of a kindergarten teacher in the US? Below are common tasks to consider:

  • They educate students on important skills such as color, number, shape, and letter recognition.
  • They often read to their class aloud and demonstrate activities, as well as encourage class participation
  • Kindergarten teachers prepare materials, lessons, and projects for their students
  • They observe and assess the performance, skill, behavior, and social development
  • They play an important role in childhood development
  • They meet with parents of children periodically to inform them of progress and concerns

Additionally, there are other more responsibilities to do. But the few stated above are the most vital task.

Benefits of Kindergarten Teacher Job in the US With Visa Sponsorship

Here are some of the few benefits to enjoy when you are a kindergarten Teacher in the US:

  • Your salary at work will be excellent, and you’ll also get stipends.
  • Working with kids enables you to use your creative talents in ways you never imagined possible.
  • Additionally, it aids in the development of qualities like confidence and patience.
  • You will be exposed to top-notch preschool programs through your work, which may be exactly what you need for personal growth.
  • You’ll also appreciate working in a cheerful, playful setting.

These are just a few of the advantages that working as a preschool teacher in the USA will bring you.

Kindergarten Teacher Salary and Job Outlook

The median annual wage for kindergarten teachers as of 2015 was $54, 550. However, everything has changed and the salary also cannot be the same. In 2024, the career field should see about average growth with an estimated 6% increase in employment. However, Public elementary schools, private schools, and daycare facilities all employ kindergarten teachers.

Helpful Skills and Experience

  • Prospective kindergarten instructors must adore kids first and foremost.
  • As one of the main authorities in these kids’ life, they will serve as one of their first role models.
  • The majority of their day will be spent instructing, nurturing, and caring for young children.
  • It can be challenging and satisfying to teach kindergarteners.
  • People that are interested in teaching kindergarten should have patience, creativity, and strong communication abilities.

How to Apply for a Kindergarten Teacher Job with Visa Sponsorship  

To Apply for a kindergarten teacher job in the US, you must have the complete qualifications stated above. Once you have the completed qualification (Bachelor’s degree, Teaching credential. Three years of lead teaching experience, school requirement, etc.) You are read.

  • Get a good internet connection and make sure your device is well connected
  • Locate any of the websites you want to use (LinkedIn, beTrued, or more).
  • On any of the websites, go to the search bar and type in me of the Job and the location to get the job
  • Click on the apply button

To complete the process, submit the necessary info required of you.


How Does Work Sponsorship work in the USA?

Work sponsorship in the USA with Visa means that the employer in the US is hiring you. They are guaranteeing the US visa authorities that you will be a legal working resident.

What does it mean to require sponsorship to legally work in the US?

To legally work in the US, you will need an employer to petition the US government for a visa on your behalf and sponsor your travel to the United States.

Can I Immigrate to the USA as a Teacher?

Yes, but you will need the H-1B visa class which is a viable option for primary, secondary, or college teachers with the required knowledge and training. However, it is done most times of national teacher shortages.

Can a foreigner be a teacher in the USA?

Yes, foreigners can be a teacher in the USA. However, you will have to meet the pre-defined requirements as a foreigner before you can teach in the US.

How do I find a company to Sponsor me in the USA?

Here are steps to follow to find an H1B visa sponsor to file your petition in 2023:

  • Search for the job in the H1B visa sponsors database
  • Apply for the job and get an offer
  • Find an internship
  • Search for boutique consulting companies
  • Find a job at a US university

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