Business Resilience Programme (BRP) 2023 for Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs – How to Apply!

The Business Resilience Programme (BRP) 2023, is offered to Eligible Nigerian women Entrepreneurs by the FATE Foundation in partnership with Google.

Business Resilience Programme (BRP) 2023 for Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs
Business Resilience Programme (BRP) 2023 for Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs

Business Resilience Programme receives its funds via the Google SSA Women Entrepreneurship Programme which also runs across Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. The program seeks to improve the digital and financial strength of female nano and micro business entrepreneurs aged 18 and 55.

All beneficiaries of BRP will be provided with the needed basic financial literacy and business management knowledge such as digital literacy skills; growth support (including business registration, network, and micro-grants to underserved female-led businesses in Nigeria.

The Business Resilience Programme (BRP) will specifically support female entrepreneurs with businesses at the nano and micro levels in two phases:

Phase I: This phase is a Self-paced fully online 4-week program with an Access to Business Plan Developer Tool

Phase II: This is a Hybrid program led by experienced financial and digital literacy for entrepreneurs experts

Business Registration Support

Micro-Grant support

Summary of FATE Foundation/ Business Resilience Programme

  • Sponsor: FATE Foundation and Google
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Gender: Women
  • Application Deadline: July 21, 2023
  • Curriculum: This covers teaching female entrepreneurs in Nigeria the following: Financial Management, Plan Development, Digital Marketing, Accessing Funding, Networks and Confidence Building
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Class size: 40
  • Business Level: Nano and Micro stages
  • Language: English

About FATE Foundation

FATE Foundation was established in 2000 by Fola Adeola with the aim of harnessing the strong entrepreneurial culture of Nigerians. This is achieved by providing the business incubation, growth and accelerator support required to fully explore their innovative potential.

The company’s goal is to enable aspiring and emerging Nigerian entrepreneurs to kick start, grow and scale their businesses while also facilitating the development of an enabling business environment and thriving ecosystem.

Benefits of Business Resilience Program (BRP)

The Benefits of the BRP include the following:

  • Provision of Micro Grant financing to about 200 participants
  • Free Business Registration for 200 participants
  • Unpaid Access to Foundation’s Business Plan Developer Tool
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Participants will get to feature on FATE Foundation’s or the partner’s Social Media pages

How to Apply for Business Resilience Programme (BRP) 2023

There are three (3) stages to completing the application and you are required to complete all three stages to be eligible for further processing.

  • Stage I: Interested applicants should complete the application form at:
  • Stage II: You will be redirected to the e-learn platform to complete the 4 weeks virtual digital and financial literacy training session.
  • Stage III: Candidates who successfully completed the modules and graded points will be shortlisted for a 10-minute phone/video interview after which 40 applicants will be shortlisted for each stream held in the following states; Lagos State, Ogun state, Edo state, Kwara state and Abia state.
  • For more details, visit the FATE Foundation website:

Eligibility Criteria for FATE Foundation Business Resilience Program Qualification

  • The eligibility for the BRP Phase II will depend on the completion of all Modules and requirements from Phase I.
  • The programme is open to female entrepreneurs who operate nano (less than 3 employees) and micro (between 4 to 9 employees) businesses in Nigeria.
  • Candidates should have a minimum of secondary school completion qualification.
  • Communicate fluently In English.
  • Must have Access to a stable internet connection and a Smartphone device with the ability to use the device.
  • Women (breadwinners) are highly encouraged to apply with special consideration given to them including widows, and single parents.

Application Deadline

July 21, 2023



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