SpaceX Internships 2023 – Apply Now!

Applications are Open for SpaceX Internship 2023, Apply Now via the official application webpage below. The SpaceX Internship Program offers a golden opportunity to Candidates with technical and non-technical backgrounds.

SpaceX Internships 2023
SpaceX Internships 2023

Your Participation in the 2023 edition of the SpaceX Internship Program will enable you to learn a lot about advanced technologies. In addition, interns will be compensated for the efforts put into the work, and the firm will fund all expenditures.

The contribution of Elon Musk to the space sector cannot be overemphasized, thus, this internship presents an opportunity for Individuals who idealize Elon’s efforts. There is no other time other than now to learn to take advantage of learning new skills and advance your career.

Meanwhile, SpaceX is a renowned company based in America, it manufactures, designs, and launches satellite communication. Participating Students will have the opportunity to experience hands-on, challenging projects and assignments.

Keep reading the article to learn more about SpaceX Internships especially if you belong to an Engineering or Business program!

Details About SpaceX Internship Program

  • Country: United States
  • Host Company: SpaceX
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible Field: Engineering/Business
  • SpaceX Internship Duration: 12 weeks
  • Suitable Gender: Male and Female
  • Deadline: Open

SpaceX Internships Benefits and Rewards

The rewards and benefits of SpaceX Internships include the following;

  • Paid Internships
  • Covered associate opportunities
  • The SpaceX Internship Program wi satisfy your course credits at University’s discretion.
  • Have the opportunity to learn updates about growing technology.
  • Participating Students will get to work under the supervision of notable scientists and engineers.
  • Interns will gain more value in their education and job career through this internship
  • The intern’s University will be notified or overviewed by the exceptional experience the intern had while working at the SpaceX station.

Available Internships at SpaceX

Some of the open slots of Internships at the SpaceX stations include the following;

  • Engineering (Internship/co-op) – Summer 2023
  • Software Engineering (Internship/co-op) – Summer 2023
  • Software Engineering (Internship/co-op) – Spring 2023
  • Business operations (co-op) – Spring 2023
  • Engineering (Internship/co-op) – Spring 2023
  • Business operations (co-op) – Summer 2023

How to Apply for SpaceX Internship Program 2023

  • Interested and Eligible Candidates should note that the application process for the SpaceX Internships is online
  • To apply, visit the official link found below and also to get more details
  • Official webpage:

Eligibility Criteria for SpaceX Internship Program 2023

Candidates must consider the standards set up by the HR team of the company, Before applying for the SpaceX Internships, they include;

  • The applicant must have a CGPA of 3.5 or above to be eligible to apply
  • He or She must be enrolled in a four-year degree program at any College or University.
  • Bachelor’s Degree holders can apply within six months of completion.
  • Candidates who are currently enrolled in graduate programs are also eligible for the SpaceX Internships.
  • Those with business operations background are expected to have applied to the Internship within six months of completion of the degree.
  • Candidates with prior experience, lab work, or engineering projects are highly preferred.
  • Candidates should be interested in accomplishing tasks and the team and interpersonal skills.
  • He or She should be efficient in using Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint).


The following must be mentioned correctly on your CV/Resume before you apply;

  • Contact information
  • University Name
  • Degree Name
  • Majors
  • CGPA
  • Graduation date
  • Prior work experience
  • Other Internship experience
  • Employment (if available)
  • Your Involvement in projects, role and contribution to them.

Internship Timeline

SpaceX Internships Program (associate engineering)  is a full-time job opened  through the following seasons;

  • FALL – September-December
  • SPRING – January-April
  • SUMMER – May-August



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