Pulitzer Center Impact Seed Fund (ISF) For Southeast Asia 2024 (Up to $4,000 Grant)

The Pulitzer Center Impact Seed Fund (ISF) provides support for educational and engagement initiatives that tackle pressing challenges facing our planet’s ecosystems and societies. The 2024 ISF edition is focused on various topics such as rainforests, oceans, and climate change, with a specific emphasis on their interconnectedness with workers and vulnerable communities.

Pulitzer Center Impact Seed Fund (ISF) For Southeast Asia
Pulitzer Center Impact Seed Fund (ISF) For Southeast Asia

ISF offers small grants to aid educational, research, or scientific projects aimed at enriching perspectives and knowledge within university communities, especially among students and educators. The fund aims to deepen understanding of complex issues and promote exploration of solutions and innovations to combat the impact of human actions on rainforests, oceans, and the climate crisis.

Program Details

ISF strives to back projects that inspire shifts in perceptions, narratives, and behaviors, fostering a more informed and empathetic community. By leveraging Pulitzer Center-supported stories, the ISF initiative seeks to:

  • The initiative aims to amplify the understanding and analytical skills of students and educators when it comes to intricate matters concerning tropical forests, oceans, and the climate crisis, along with their impacts on vulnerable communities. It stimulates members of the university community to seek innovative approaches to addressing these effects.
  • Empower students and educators to take meaningful action and lead efforts to safeguard the environment and advocate for the rights of those most impacted by environmental degradation.


  • The ISF Southeast Asia grants range from USD $3,000 to $4,000, and projects are anticipated to be completed within four months of approval.

 Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be university professors or researchers affiliated with an academic institution.
  • Applicants are encouraged to submit project proposals in collaboration with a group of educators from universities located in one or more regions of the country.

 How to Apply

  • All applicants must submit their proposals through the submittable online application platform provided for these opportunities.
  • Southeast Asia applicants who prefer to apply in their local language should ensure they use the appropriate links provided for applications in Bahasa Indonesia and Thai on the Pulitzer Center’s Submittable homepage.
  • Required information for the application form includes:
  • Personal details such as name and contact information.
  • Project Title
  • Detailed description of the proposed project
  • Explanation of collaboration with Pulitzer Center supported stories or journalists
  • Target audience identification Discussion of the project’s anticipated impact
  • Strategy or methodology outlining how project success will be ensured
  • Proposed budget breakdown
  • Detailed budget specifications, outlining deliverables or activities with corresponding unit costs
  • Project Timeline
  • Consent documentation from local communities if the applicant plans to engage with them
  • Initial content production plan if the applicant intends to create content, including references and distribution strategy
  • Curriculum vitae of the project leader, with contact information for three referees.

Visit the official website of the Pulitzer Center Impact Seed Fund For Southeast Asia to gain more insight.

Application Deadline

May 27, 2024.



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