New iOS Update Finds Solution to a huge iPhone 14 Camera Problem     

A new iOS update finds solution to a huge iPhone 14 camera problem that many users have been complaining about.

New iOS Update Finds Solution to a huge iPhone 14 Camera Problem     

New iOS Update Finds Solution to a huge iPhone 14 Camera Problem     

By the time the iPhone 14 was launched, many of its users started complaining immediately in regard to a huge issue. The said issue is that when the camera is opened using third-party applications, the picture at most times would shake and thus return blurry visuals and even sometimes making grinding noises and in the process leaving many users to think that the OIS of the phone was the cause.

These said issues did not happen on third-party apps that were designed for the sole reason of photography, although other social media platforms such as Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and many others became hard to make use of as a result.

Apple Has a Solution to the Shaky-Camera Problem on the Way

It however sounds like apple has a solution on the way. Just recently, a new iOS 16 has been seen rolling out to devices such as listed in Apple’s security updates log and it is referred to as iOS 16.0.2. This very update which started rolling out on September 22 fixes the camera problem on the iPhone 14 models and lineup and it also fixes other bugs such as issues with copy and paste texts between apps.

How To Update Your Device to a newer iOS Update

That being said, if you are one of the many that have been going through the third-party camera application problem, then when you simply update to a newer form of iOS it will help with it immediately. And to do this;

  • Go into the settings app on your phone.
  • Go to general and select software update.

That’s it! And if you are eligible for the update, it will appear there.

Well, all that’s however in theory as we will first need to hear from early iPhone 14 users that the very issue has been resolved before we will have to believe any of this. This very update is coming at an impeccable time as the iPhone 14 Plus has not even yet been released. This means that people who have not yet bought the big but yet lower cost phone will never have to face the camera-shake issue.

Apple Users Have Been Worrying Over the Shaky-Camera Problem

Apple fans all over the internet have been going berserk over this issue and it is totally understandable as if we could not have been able to make use of the third-party apps we love such as Instagram, we also would be annoyed too. Anyways, now that the update is on the rollout, we hope that the issue would be resolved finally and for good.


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