Top 10 Universities Offering Free Online Courses with Certificates

Top 10 Universities Offering Free Online Courses- Following the advancement of technology in our present world, online courses are most sought after by students. This is because they save time and money, and are convenient and flexible.Top 10 Universities Offering Free Online Course

Taking free online courses is a great way to spend your spare time. It spices up your CV and increases your prospects of employment. This article will give you the top 10 universities offering free online courses.

Top 10 Universities Offering Free Online Courses

Currently, a lot of universities are offering free courses online. This might make it a difficult task to decide on the online class to take. However, this article will give you a glance at some of the many established universities offering free online classes and the courses they offer.

Harvard University, USA

Harvard university offers hundreds of free online courses. This is one of the Top 10 Universities Offering Free Online Course. This includes art and history courses, communication courses, health and medicine, and business courses. Below are some of the Harvard university free online courses that might interest you:

  • Justice: This is a twelve-week course. It involves the analysis of the ancient and modern-day theories of justice. In this course, you would learn about topics like affirmative action, income distribution, and debates on fundamental human rights. You also get to read texts of contemporary and classical philosophers.
  • Child Protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and practice. This course will educate you on the causes and consequences of failure in child protection. You will learn how to connect child rights approaches to the duties of policymakers, legal practitioners, health workers, and social workers in the 16 weeks of the course.
  • Prescription Drug Regulation. This course educates on the rules and regulations guiding the pricing and marketing of prescription drugs. You will also learn about the necessity of the FDA in guiding the pharmaceutical markets.

University of California, Irvine

The University of California also offers a lot of free online courses on a variety of subjects that you will enjoy. This ranges from communication to art and history subjects. A few of these courses are:

  • Introduction to electronics. Here, you will learn about the components of electronics. It is a perfect course for those who want knowledge of computer engineering.
  • Better business writing in English. This course will help you to develop yourself in writing. You will be taught how to practice your writing skills in different ways for business communication.
  • Games without Chance. This online course covers simple games without chance moves. It is a beginner’s guide to combinational game theory.

Georgia University of Technology

Georgia university of technology has been offering online courses since 2012. Since then to date, several online courses have been offered on topics ranging from computing to engineering and ESL. A glimpse of some of these courses are:

  • Data analytics in business. This course educates on how to develop analytical projects within an organization. You will learn more about data analysis. Hence, making you a professional in business management.
  • Innovative leadership. This is a six-week online course for anyone interested in becoming a leader. You’ll learn how to understand yourself through your life story. Furthermore, you will be educated on the attributes of leaders and how to empower other innovators.
  • Computing for data analytics. This course is an introduction to programming techniques. You will learn the basic programming of data analysis and machine learning.

Stanford University

Stanford university is an American private research university. Similar to the other universities on this list, the institute offers a lot of online courses on a variety of topics. This ranges from technology to health and business. Some of the courses that might appeal to you are:

  • Algorithms specialization: The course is an introduction to online courses for students who have little or no experience in programming. The program has a lot of practical sessions. At the end of each learning session, students get to implement one of the algorithms covered in any programming language of their choice.
  • Machine learning specialization: this specialization is designed to help students broaden their knowledge of modern machine learning. You’ll also learn how to apply what you’ve learned to problems. It takes approximately three months to complete the program.

Michigan State University

Michigan state university is one of the top research universities in the US. This university offers several courses on a wide range of topics. Some of them that might spark your interest are:

  • How to Start Your Business Specialization. This course covers a variety of prospects for creating a successful business. You will be provided with the tools and lessons needed to execute your business.
  • Become a journalist: Report the news! Specialization. This is a six-months course. In this online specialization, you will learn about the impact of journalism on social issues. Furthermore, the course educates on the practices and standards for news gathering.
  • Art for games specialization. You’ll learn how to create high-quality games online. it takes approximately six months to complete the course.

California Institute of the Arts

Another of the Top 10 Universities Offering Free Online Courses is California Institute of the Arts. This institution offers a lot of free online courses on creative arts. This includes courses on graphic and game design, music technology, poetry, and critique skills. Some of the courses include:

  • The language of design: form and meaning. It is a beginner course that takes approximately eight hours to be completed. You’ll learn visual communication and develop graphic design skills.
  • Approaching music theory. This course analyzes the relationship between the technical details of music and its aesthetics. You’ll learn about the entire theory of music through practice. It takes approximately 22 hours to complete the course.
  • Sharpened Visions: A poetry workshop. You will be educated on poetic terms and devices. It involves studying a wide range of modern poets. Also, you’ll get to write your poems. It is a ten-hour course.

Ecole Polytechnique

Ecole Polytechnique offers about thirty courses for students all over the world. The courses cover topics in sciences, technology, and engineering. Some of these courses are taught in French and others in English. Below is a highlight of some of the courses:

  • An introduction to probability. The course gives thorough teaching on probability. it also teaches how probability is applied in the world. The course is taught in French and is offered weekly.
  • From particles to stars. A ten-week course taught in French. It educates on the universe, what comprises it and how it is formed.
  • How to write and publish a scientific paper: This four-week course is for students who already have experience with academic research. You will be guided through the entire process of writing and publishing a scientific paper.

University College London (UCL)

This university offers a lot of courses some of which are:

  • Anthropology of Home: This is an online evening course. It teaches issues surrounding space and place. It also features home and exile.
  • Anthropology of social media: why we post: For five weeks, you will be taught about the impact of social media on politics, education, gender, and business. The course is designed to teach you about the world at large.
  • Becoming a project leader: If you want to learn project leadership skills, then this course is for you. In this short online course. You’ll be assessed on project leadership skills and learn ways you can improve.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This is one of the Top 10 Universities Offering Free Online Courses. Since 2014, the University of Hong Kong has released a series of massive open online courses. These MOOCs are taught by the university’s renowned professors. A highlight of the courses they offer are:

  • Biomaterials and your health: This course is for students who want to broaden their knowledge of dental materials. You’ll learn the effect of polymetric materials and silicon the dentition. It is a four-week course.
  • State, law, and the economy. Are you interested in learning more about economics? This course is one you should consider. It teaches economic concepts in political economy.
  • Making sense of the news: This is a six-week course. It is designed to help students to develop their thinking and journalism. The language of instructions is available in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is one of the most renowned universities. In the recent QS World University Rankings, the institution was ranked number one in the world. Some of the courses this university offers are:

  • Microeconomic theory and public policy. This course teaches the basics of economics. It makes use of microeconomic theories to analyze policies. Some of the topics in this course are minimum wages, international trade, and consumer welfare.
  • Making books: the renaissance and today. It covers the impact of technology on the recording and distribution of books. Students are allowed to design a handset printing press during the course.

Discussed above, are the Top 10 Universities Offering Free Online Courses.


Are Free Online Courses Worth It?

As earlier stated, free online courses are flexible and convenient. They also save time and money. Online courses help to form connections with other students and professors.

Additionally, it provides the skills you need to develop your career. At times, the experience on your CV might not be enough to qualify you for a job. However, if you can share your knowledge from the courses you’ve learned, it might qualify you.

Which Free Online Courses Are the Best?

Some of the best courses students prefer to study online include:

  • Digital marketing
  • Graphics design
  • Web development
  • Information technology
  • Arts

Does Harvard Free Courses Give Certificates?

Harvard open online courses are offered with certificates. You do not have to pay for the certificate upon the completion of the course. However, the certificates are paid printable.



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