Netflix Releases the First Trailer for Its Live-Action Yu Yu Hakusho

Netflix releases the first trailer for its live-action Yu Yu Hakusho and it is reportedly missing out on one crucial thing. Yu Yu Hakusho just like Cowboy Bebop is not the same without its iconic opening theme.

Netflix First Trailer for Live-Action Yu Yu Hakusho

Netflix First Trailer for Live-Action Yu Yu Hakusho

Netflix reportedly dropped a bit of a “Smile Bomb” (if you know, you know) during Geeked Week 2023. And not only did the streaming giant share the first trailer for the live-action adaptation of Yu Yu Hakusho but we also were given a release date. And it is pretty soon.

If it is that you are an anime fan of a certain age, then I’m guessing simply reading the words “Yu Yu Hakusho” conjures a very specific sound right now in your head, and I bet it sounds just like this.

The teaser unfortunately did not feature this very iconic song, but there is however still hope that a remix will be making a supposed appearance. And while the ticky-tacky wigs (straight from the Tyler Perry School of Cosmetology) as well as visual effects are not quite putting the spirit in my bomb, I fully felt ecstatic seeing the Toguro brothers.

Yu Yu Hakusho:  All-Time Anime Classics

Yu Yu Hakusho for those who don’t know is one of those all-time anime classics. It has been 20 years ever since the show made its debut on Cartoon Network, and in the process becoming a formative series for (older North American) anime fans right up there with other series such as Sailor Moon, Gundam, and the Dragon Ball. And to this very day, the Dark Tournament arc of the show is one of the best examples of the classic “shonen anime tournament” trope, and I really hope that the Netflix adaptation has the chance to show us what that in question could look like.

Does Yu Yu Hakusho Need a Live-Action Adaptation?

Yu Yu Hakusho as you should know is a real certified banger and really didn’t need a live-action reboot, in my opinion. But honestly, neither did One Piece too, and that in question turned out pretty good. We will just have to wait and see if Netflix’s live-action success streak continues when Yu Yu Hakusho makes its debut on December 14th on Netflix.



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