Ad-Free Facebook and Instagram Is Finally Here

Ad-free Facebook and Instagram is finally here and it is really expensive. For users and account holders in the EU, if it is that you would like to go ad-free on both Facebook and Instagram, then you will have to pay extra in order to cover both profiles beginning in the coming spring.

Ad-free Facebook and Instagram

Ad-free Facebook and Instagram

Meta is beginning to prompt users to sign up for the paid “no ads” version of both Facebook and Instagram that is launching in Europe. The new feature is rolling out as Meta responds to new EU privacy regulations simply by positioning the usage of its services with targeted ads as a choice by users. And of course, that choice in question is also the only alternative that is available to paying around $20 per month to disengage from ads on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

The new prompt as you should know clarifies that account holders making use of both Facebook and Instagram will eventually need to pay an additional fee in a bid to cover both profiles. The pop-up reportedly appeared on one of The Verge’s editor’s Instagram accounts (and Matt Navarra mentions that people are now seeing them on Facebook as well), so you can get to see what it looks like right here.

The Supposed Fee of the Ad-Free Facebook and Instagram

The fee in question that is needed to go ad-free is €9.99 per a single month when bought on the web or €12.99 per month if acquired via Google’s or Apple’s app stores. Right at this moment, that subscription fee in question covers all accounts that are linked.

Subscribers after March 1st will, however, have to pay an extra fee for any additional linked profiles in their Meta Account Center. This is €6 per month if bought directly or €8 if purchased through an app store on the other hand. The ad-free service in question is only offered to users and account holders over the age of 18.

The Reason for Meta’s New Prompt

And according to the prompt from Meta, the firm is introducing this new choice because “laws are changing in your region.” The company will reportedly ask adult users in the countries where this feature is currently available to choose either to subscribe or to make use of its products for free. Of course, selecting the free option instead of the stacking fees simply means that you will “discover products and brands through personalized ads” and that “your info will be used for ads.”



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