YouTube Set to Add Quizzes, Ad-Free Video Player in Its Education Push

YouTube is set to add quizzes, and an ad-free video player in its education push and also qualified creators can now start to offer free and paid courses in 2023.

YouTube Set to Add Quizzes, Ad-Free Video Player in Its Education Push

YouTube Set to Add Quizzes, Ad-Free Video Player in Its Education Push

Waiting patiently to just hit the ‘skip ad’ button on YouTube has now become a unanimous experience on the platform, but all that is about to dramatically change for selected educational content on the video sharing platform.

On Thursday, YouTube unveiled a host of new services and tools that will help both learners and creators on the platform and this is including an ad-free video player for educational content. YouTube at the moment is partnering with a handful of established ed-tech companies in the United States in the very first initial rollout of the feature and this is including Edpuzzle, Purdue Global, and Purdue University.

CEO And Co-Founder of Edpuzzle Say About the Development

“Everyday, teachers, and students across the globe are using YouTube to learn, and YouTube Player for Education will help further learning in educational settings by allowing students to engage with new subjects distraction-free,” CEO and co-founder of Edpuzzle, Quim Sabria said.

And alongside the ad-free player, YouTube also cited that qualified creators will be able to offer both free and paid courses in 2023. This move will help boost education on the platform and also help to provide viewers with ‘in-depth, structured learning,’ as per the blog post. Selecting a paid course on the platform will give you an ad-free experience and then allow you to play the video in the background.

YouTube As Part of This Rollout Is Introducing Quizzes To the Platform

YouTube as part of this rollout is introducing quizzes to the platform thus supporting interactivity between creators and viewers by enabling creators to put together short quizzes in a bid to help viewers to test their knowledge.

YouTube in its blog said: “For example, a math creator who recently posted a series on algebra can create a Quiz on the Community tab to ask their viewers a question related to a concept taught in their latest video.”

Courses Will First Make Their Way to the United States and South Korea

YouTube cited that courses will first make their way to the United States and South Korea before expanding to several other countries. Quizzes will be rolling out in the coming months and all creators with a community tab will gain access in the coming year.


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