Apple Hikes the Price Of The iPhone SE Quietly in the UK

Apple hikes the price of the iPhone SE quietly in the UK after the iPhone 14 was revealed. That being said, you should now know that the budget smartphone of Apple is now BP30 more expensive today.

Apple Hikes the Price Of The iPhone SE Quietly in the UK

Apple Hikes the Price Of The iPhone SE Quietly in the UK

If you are one of the many people who are looking to purchase an iPhone SE in the United Kingdom, you may want to act fast in that regard as apple has increased the price of its budget smartphone quietly. When the iPhone SE smartphone launched in the UK in 2022, you could get it at just 419BP. And making use of the WayBackMachine which is an online archive that stores snapshots of webpages, we could clearly see that this was the case as early and recently as 26 august.

The iPhone SE Is Now Selling For 449BP

But as spotted today on the official apple store page, the iPhone Se is now selling for 449BP which is 30BP more than it used to. Fortunately, this very price change does not seem to have any type of impact in the US or Australian markets as of yet. The smartphone is still selling at a regular price in these regions. If you also have been trying to make up your mind about getting the cheaper iPhone, I think you will have to act fast now than wait for later.

You Can Still get the iPhone SE for the Regular Price at John Lewis and Currys

For users and those persons in the UK, there is still time for you to get the iPhone SE at its original price. This is so because, at the time of this writing, other third-party vendors such as Currys and John Lewis are still selling the phone for 419BP, but there is no telling when this will however change.

And considering the fact that the iPhone 14 lineup of smartphones has just been announced, many of us would have been expecting the process of the older iPhones to drop rather than increase. In cases such as the iPhone 13, there is a drop in price as the iPhone will launch at the same price as the older model and the price of the iPhone 13 will drop a bit to $699, 749BP, and AU$1,229.

Pre-Orders of The iPhone 14 will be the same as the Price Of The iPhone 13 Preorders in The US

While the preorders of the iPhone 14 will be the same as the price of the iPhone 13 preorders in the US, in the UK, they are more expensive, selling at 849BP instead of 779BP.


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