YouTube Red: Watch Amazing Ad-Free Video Contents On YouTube Premium

What is YouTube Red? The answer to this is very simple and straight forward. But I won’t be going straight the answer but rather I will be dissecting it to you as the article progresses. YouTube is a great video sharing platform, no doubt. If you have made use of the platform before then you would agree with me totally on this one. When it comes to video powerhouses on the internet, YouTube is one of these platforms and for good reasons. This platform contains content that you can hardly get from many other places and I know about all these things because I make use of the platform.

YouTube Red

YouTube Red

What is YouTube Red? Once again here comes the question that we all have been waiting for an answer to. Don’t worry it will be coming soon. YouTube is a great platform in all its glory and it can even be argued as the best video sharing platform of its generation. While YouTube is good and great, there are some thing’s about the platform that needs working on. Trust me I would love to spend all day on YouTube and not get tired. But just one thing might discourage me from spending all of my time on it. And do you know what this is?

If you don’t know, here it is, ‘ADS’. Just about when you are having fun on the platform with a certain video an ad may just pop up from nowhere. And this is very annoying and in the process making the content on the platform less interesting. Imagine streaming a two-hour video and you get to watch an ad every one to two minutes of the entirety of the said video? And this is where YouTube red comes in.

Now to provide the answer we all have been waiting for. YouTube Red is a subscription service on YouTube the removes the advertisements from al the videos on the platform. Imagine streaming a video on the platform, ad-free. That feeling of uninterrupted entertainment and this is something everyone is looking forward to when they visit the platform. But as you should know, this service is not offered for free. In order to make use of the service, you will need to pay a fee. This service lets you stream all sorts of videos on the YouTube platform.

What You Get With YouTube Red

The main aim of this YouTube feature is simple. You get to access all the videos on the platform ad-free. When you are making use of this subscription-based service, not a single ad will pop up when you are on the YouTube website, the app, or YouTube on TV. With the devices below you can access ad-free content via the YouTube red feature;

  • Apple TV.
  • YouTube app and YouTube gaming apps for android and iOS.
  • Chromecast.
  • Consoles such as Xbox 3360, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3, and 4.
  • Roku and supported smart TV’s.

There are other benefits you get to enjoy from making use of this service. You get to download and watch video content offline. However, features such as liking and commenting on videos when you are offline are not available.

Is YouTube Red Still Available

The YouTube subscription service is still very much available but the thing here is that the service has been remodeled to what is now known as YouTube premium. With the premium subscription service of this platform, you also get to access all the features and benefits as the YouTube red platform. So with that being said, you have just nothing to worry about.

How To Subscribe To YouTube Premium

Subscribing to this platform and service is easy. When you subscribe to this YouTube feature you get access to a one month free trial period. You will be notified 7 days before your trial ends. This service uses a recurring billing system and you can also cancel at any time you please. To subscribe to this feature, go to YouTube Premium Page and click on the try it for free button to begin your journey.


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