Cowboy E-Bikes Now Have Built-In Google Maps

Cowboy e-bikes now have built-in Google Maps. This means that your favorite maps app are now baked into the cowboy app. This is a major first step with many more Google goodness reported to come.

Cowboy E-Bikes Built-In Google Maps

Cowboy E-Bikes Built-In Google Maps

Cowboy, an E-bike making company has now swapped the navigation tool that is used in its app for Google Maps, which should reportedly improve the riding experience for many.

The mapping software as you should know that is included in many e-bike companion apps is at most times lacking, and Cowboy’s app was also no exception. “Improved map navigation was the most requested update from within the Cowboy community,” Cowboy co-founder and CTO Tanguy Goretti told revealed to a correspondent of The Verge on the sidelines of Micromobility Europe in Amsterdam yesterday.

Utilization of the Cowboys E-Bike App

The app in question, according to Goretti, is heavily utilized by Cowboy owners, 45 percent of whom regularly mount their phones on the integrated wireless charging pad that is found on the excellent 4-series e-bikes of the company. And with this very new integration, riders no longer have to switch between their Cowboy dashboard and the standalone Google Maps app.

The updated app in question which is available to download now sports features such as speed, battery life, and calories that are burned alongside the familiar Maps interface of Google. Goretti states that today’s release is just a first step in the Cowboy x Google relationship, with a host of “industry-first features built with Google Maps” to be reportedly announced in the fall. And for what it’s really worth, Goretti states that Cowboy has now overcome the initial quality issues that its e-bikes suffered due to supply chain problems that were created by the Covid pandemic.

The World’s Most Connected E-Bike

Cowboy however likes to claim that it builds the “world’s most connected e-bike.” And while that is such good marketing, it is also impossible to measure. Nevertheless, the company does have a good record of providing owners with regular over-the-air improvements and updates. The company back in March delivered the latest new feature known as AdaptivePower which is originally meant to help riders overcome wind, hills, as well as heavy loads in a more natural way.



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