Amazon to Explore E-Bike Deliveries This Prime Day

Amazon to explore e-bike deliveries this prime day. With that being said, it just might be that your next amazon van may be a bike.

Amazon to Explore E-Bike Deliveries This Prime Day

Amazon to Explore E-Bike Deliveries This Prime Day

Your next amazon purchase might be delivered to you by a new four-wheel e-bike instead of the regular delivery van you are used o but this is totally dependent on your location and where you live.

If it is that you took part in amazons prime day sales this year, your package could arrive on your doorstep on the back of a newly introduced e-cargo bike that comprises a custom four-wheel chassis and a trailer that is enclosed. Another option that may be exercised during this period is that your package may even be delivered to you by someone on foot as per The Guardian.

Where the New Delivery Option Is Being Utilized

The newly introduced options are being used by a delivery hub of amazon that is situated in the east-London borough of hackney. This hub is joining the company’s stealthy growing fleet of electric vans. This is so as Amazon is working towards its goal of going completely carbon-neutral by 2040.

The eCommerce company’s new delivery options should also help the company to reduce the cost of delivering packages to residents of London. The new e-bikes and vans will be exempted from the city’s congestion charge which is a fee that is paid by drivers. They however can avoid this fee if only their vehicles meet up with certain low-emissions standards.

Amazon Plans for the New Delivery Option

Although the trial just started, the e-commerce company is not putting a foot on the pedal right now. Amazon already has plans in place to open more e-bike delivery hubs in the nearest future. With that being said, the company should be rolling out new Rivian-made electric vans in the US and this should happen before the end of 2022.

In the matter of electric bikes, well, they are not just sustainable options in regards to deliveries; they are also a good fit for environmentally conscious commuters too. Electric bikes help to reduce carbon output while in the process also giving your ride a certain type of juice so that you can easily get to your destination quicker.


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