Best Magnetic iPhone Charging Cable – Best Magnetic Cable For Iphones of 2022

What are the best magnetic iPhone charging cables? As an iPhone user, you need a lightning cable. When using a magnet cable, the iPhone chargers attach easily to iPhone models.

Best Magnetic iPhone Charging Cable

Magnetic cables permit you the luxury of using only one cable to charge all your devices, whether iPhone, Android or USB C. With the magnetic charging cable, you don’t have to worry anymore about moving around with different chargers.

Best Magnetic iPhone Charging Cable

Magnetic iPhone charging cable are an incredibly useful accessory to purchase. They are extremely aesthetic additions, and also capable of adding a layer of protection for your phone and cord.

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This charging cable is perfectly safe for your iPhone. They are versatile and have a sturdy design. Apart from charging your phone, it can also be used for data transfers.

They offer durability and longevity. They have amazing features like built-in LED which can be used to see at night or dark and others that save a lot of time, energy, and money.

Things to Consider when shopping for the best magnetic iPhone charging cable

The first thing to consider is the quality before thinking of other factors. The quality matters a lot.

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You need to look at the Cable length

Checking the cable length is quite important if you are using magnetic charging cables or standard ones.

Consider cable & Connector count

Since their connectors are detachable, you can easily find 4 – 7 cables in a box along with 12 – 15 connectors based on the model you choose.

Consider the compatibility

Different devices to gadgets rely on different connections. So, the magnetic changing cable comes with different connector types of versatility.

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The Best Magnetic iPhone Charging Cable so far

Below are the top magnetic iPhone charging cables so far.

Ankndo 540° Rotation Magnetic Charging Cable

ANKNDO magnetic charger 7-pin connection design support quick charge with a maximum output current of 3A, this magnetic USB cable is 25% faster than an ordinary charging cable which provides 5V/2.4A.

The upgrade magnetic charging cable allows magnet tip to rotate 360° and charging head to bend 180°, this convenient design allow you to find the right angle for every charging occasion.


AMEOW Magnetic Charging Cable

This is a magnetic USB charging cable which is a new type of magnetic charger on the market. It has more functional & convenient than regular cables, specially designed for drivers, handicapped people, children, and seniors.

This is one-handed operation magnetic charging cable and double magnet design, which make charging more convenient and safer while driving or take care the baby.

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It has a 90°L shape and a 360°rotating design making charging more convenient when you are playing phone games. Different length package Suitable for all occasions.


Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable

The magnetic charging cable permits 360 rotations. This eliminates the trouble of tuning cable connects for a quick, one-handed charging operation. The magnets charging kit securely stick to each other to create a sloid attachment that won’t snap off easily.

Different lengths cords can be used on sofas, beds, cars and other places. Enjoy charging always and everywhere without worrying about taking the cable anywhere.


AJY Magnetic Charging Cable

The strong magnetic design makes the connection more stable, reduces the risk of disconnection. The magnetic tip inserts at the charging interface of the phone can prevent dust from sticking.

The cable is made from high-quality aluminum housing and nylon that is braided with the most durable nylon fiber. It is very easy to connect and disconnect, it protects the charging port, and it is convenient to charge in the dark.


TAKAGI Lightning Cable 3PACK

This phone cable with 8000+times bend lifespan and integrated molding process, the nylon braided jacket is super smooth and comfortable, more durable than a standard phone charge cord.

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TAKAGI The braided cord fiber jacket makes these cables incredibly durable and tangle-free. with anti-resistant aluminum alloy connectors.100% compatibility ensures stable data transmit and fast charging without error messages.


AICase Magnetic Charging Cable

This is an iPhone charger cable with the original chip and 8-pin connectors, you can enjoy up to 2.4A fast charging. This USB magnetic charging cable come with stronger magnet, which will avoid disconnecting.

It is universal cable design in 3in 1 making one cable compatible with Type c, Micro USB, and iPhone product. This technology holds the cable in a neat and tidy shape while remaining fully functional and extendable.


UCOMX Nano 3 in 1 Wireless Charger

The charging board is covered with magnetic attraction devices, even if shakes it will not slip off. It can be used in the office, at home, on the dining table, and in the bedroom. Let the matter of charging no longer be anxious and boring.

You can use this UCOMX QI wireless charger to charge your Android or Apple devices at the same time. This charger can replace 3-4 charging devices, which is economical and beautiful.



Are magnetic charging cables any good?

They are very perfect for charging your device with its universal compatibility. This cable offers durability and longevity.

Do magnetic cables damage your phone?

Some people believe that they are safe, while others disagree. However, these magnetic cables are perfectly safe to use according to industry experts.

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Is Anker cable safe for iPhone?

It’s MFi Certified

The MFi (ie. Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) Certified label comes from Apple’s licensing program which requires developers and accessory makers to undergo rigorous testing for safety and reliability.

Are magnetic charging cables slow?

The magnetic charging cable does charge much slower than the micro-USB port but it shouldn’t be that slow.

Do magnets affect iPhone battery life?

Current and Magnetism: A static magnetic field will only produce a drain for a split second, which will not significantly affect a cellphone battery.

Do magnets harm iPhone?

No, a magnet will not damage your smartphone’s

Do magnets drain phone batteries?

Battery: Most phone batteries are unaffected by household magnets. The presence of a very strong magnetic field can cause the battery to work slightly harder to supply the right voltage and thus wearing the battery out faster.

Is it safe to put a magnet on iPhone 12?

For an appropriately designed magnetic mount, the answer is Yes, «the iPhone 12 [will] be able to stick to a car magnet mount.

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