Amazon Is Currently Working On a Live-Action Blade Runner 2099 TV Show

Reports claim that Amazon is currently working on a live-action blade runner 2099 TV show by Ridley Scott. The show is also reported to be set 50 years after blade runner 2049.

Amazon Is Currently Working On a Live-Action Blade Runner 2099 TV Show

Amazon Is Currently Working On a Live-Action Blade Runner 2099 TV Show

Blade Runner’s next act will obviously be a live-action TV series from Amazon, with unique chief Ridley Scott set to return as a leader maker on the undertaking, Blade Runner 2099, Variety reports.

Blade Runner 2099 will get 50 years in the future from the Denis Villeneuve-helmed spin-off Blade Runner 2049 from 2017 and will see Silka Luisa (the showrunner on Apple TV Plus’ Shining Girls) composing and chief creating the series. Cutoff time adds that Scott may likewise coordinate the show himself, as well.

Scott had recently prodded the venture in a BBC interview back in November – the first open notice of the series – referencing that the live-action show was being created as a 10-episode series to begin, with a pilot and a show book of scriptures previously composed.

Blade Runner: 2099 won’t be the first spin-off show for the notorious sci-fi establishment, either; Adult Swim appeared in an anime series, Blade Runner: Black Lotus, before the end of last year that further extended the Blade Runner universe.

The Original Blade Runner Was Released In 1982 

The first Blade Runner was delivered in 1982 and has since ascended to noticeable quality as quite possibly the most cherished science fiction film made (alongside perhaps the most disputable, given the plenty of various cuts whose general legitimacy have been fed for web contentions for a really long time). The 35-years-in-the-production spin-off, Blade Runner 2049, was delivered in 2017 to basic – on the off chance that not business – achievement.

Amazon Mega-Corporations Streaming Ambitions

That Amazon is the revealed home of the surprisingly realistic Blade Runner show addresses the super company’s streaming desires as it proceeds to attempt to work out its library of must-see content.

Amazon Studios has put intensely in classification TV as of late, with the organization getting The Expanse after its unique abrogation, alongside large financial plan projects like The Wheel of Time and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (the last option of which, with a revealed financial plan of $465 million seems to be the absolute most costly TV series made).


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