Mint is Closing Down and Directing Users to Credit Karma

The budget tracking app Mint will no longer be available starting January 1st, 2024.

Mint is Closing Down and Directing Users to Credit Karma
Mint is Closing Down and Directing Users to Credit Karma

Intuit, the owner of the budgeting app Mint, is closing it down. Intuit announced on Tuesday that Mint will be integrated into Intuit’s other service, Credit Karma, starting on January 1st, 2024 (via Bloomberg). It remains uncertain whether Credit Karma will incorporate Mint’s renowned budgeting features.

Mint is Closing Down and Directing Users to Credit Karma

Intuit initially acquired Mint in 2009, an app that provided users with a free way to track budgets, handle expenses, negotiate bills, and monitor subscriptions. Now, Intuit is inviting users to transition to Credit Karma, a service acquired by the company in 2020.

Credit Karma provides similar features such as transaction viewing, spending tracking, financial account aggregation, and credit monitoring. However, it lacks the specific budget tracking tool that many Mint users rely on, and it’s uncertain whether Credit Karma will introduce this feature.

According to a support page on Credit Karma’s website, Intuit states that “the new experience in Credit Karma does not include the ability to establish monthly and category budgets.” Instead, the app offers a simplified method for users to become aware of their spending and track their savings.

Credit Karma’s Integration with Mint – Enhancing User Experience and Transition Details

Earlier this year, Credit Karma introduced one of Mint’s essential features, allowing users to track their net worth. Intuit explains that Mint users can move their accounts by logging into Credit Karma through the Mint app. Afterward, Mint profiles will no longer be accessible. Users also have the option to download and delete their Mint data if they choose not to transition to Credit Karma.

We’re thrilled to welcome all Intuit Mint users to join Intuit Credit Karma, where they will gain access to Credit Karma’s suite of products, features, tools, and services,” stated Credit Karma spokesperson Emily Donahue in a message to The Verge. “We’re providing Mint users with ample time to prepare for this transition before their Mint access expires.”

This change appears to have been in progress for a while, as Reddit users of Mint have reported prompts to migrate to Credit Karma in recent weeks. As of 2021, Mint had 3.6 million monthly active users, according to Bloomberg. However, the app’s development has notably slowed down in recent years, with the most recent major updates introducing new categorization features and the ability to link the Apple Card to Mint.

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