Nomad’s Latest iPad Folios Reintroduces the Leather Touch

The new Leather Folio and Leather Folio Plus for the iPad Air and iPad Pro are a leather alternative to Apple’s Smart Folio cases.

Nomad's Latest iPad Folios Reintroduces the Leather Touch
Nomad’s Latest iPad Folios Reintroduces the Leather Touch

While Apple has phased out leather in its product range, third-party accessory manufacturers like Nomad are maintaining the tradition. Nomad’s latest offerings for the iPad Air and iPad Pro, namely the Leather Folio and Leather Folio Plus, closely resemble Apple’s Smart Folio cases in terms of design and features, but they feature a leather exterior.

Nomad’s Latest iPad Folios Reintroduces the Leather Touch

These Leather Folio cases securely attach to the iPad’s back with magnets, resulting in a slimmer profile compared to the company’s other iPad cases. They possess the capability to automatically wake and sleep the iPad when opened or closed. Additionally, the front cover can be folded back to function as a stand in landscape orientation, akin to Apple’s cases. The interior is lined with a microfiber finish to safeguard the screen.

The Plus model, priced $10 higher than the standard Leather Folio, includes a magnetic flap to secure the Apple Pencil more effectively.

Evaluating Nomad’s Leather Folios for iPad and Their Value Proposition

The case’s external leather is thin and has a smooth, texture-free feel. You have the choice of black or brown colors, and it comes in sizes suitable for the iPad Air and 11-inch iPad Pro, as well as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Other than the leather exterior, the Nomad cases offer basic functionality. Despite the iPads they are designed for being on the market for over five years, Nomad hasn’t introduced any distinctive features in these cases. The only notable addition is the basic Apple Pencil flap. These cases lack the capability to fold the cover to prop up the iPad in portrait orientation, and their protection against drops and spills is minimal. Moreover, they don’t provide significant additional grip. It’s easy to find cases with more features on Amazon at much lower prices.

Conversely, the magnets exhibit strength, the microfiber lining offers a soft touch, and the Nomad leather folios are simple to attach and remove from the iPad when not needed.

However, the main challenge could be the cost. The standard Leather Folio is priced at $120 for the 11-inch size and $140 for the 12.9-inch variant. The Plus model, which solely introduces the Apple Pencil flap, can go up to $150.

Many individuals may struggle to find a compelling reason to invest such a sum in an iPad case, particularly when more affordable alternatives are readily available. For instance, a Torro leather case offers the same features and can be purchased for as low as $70. There are even cheaper imitation leather cases from Pitaka that offer a range of stand options without sacrificing thickness or weight compared to the Nomad.

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