Best Cheap iPhone Deals in January 2022

Best cheap iPhone deals in January 2022. iPhone deals are a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. that use Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. You will find the best cheap iPhone deals all compared and laid out right here on this page on every model currently available.

Best cheap iPhone deals in January 2022

From the iPhone 13 to the iPhone SE, there are some that are the best cheap iPhone deals ever. Additionally, with January sales upon us, we expect to see even more cheap iPhone Deals in the coming days.

Best Cheap iPhone Deals in January 2022

Presently, there are some nice and amazing iPhone deals considerable in Verizon. The mobile carrier is taking all iPhone 13 models’ prices up to $1,000 when you trade-in your old phone and buy iPhone 13 with an unlimited plan.

On the other hand, Verizon is offering a BOGO sale on the base iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. That’s one of the best iPhones deals you’ll find right now.

Cheap iPhone Deals for 2022

iPhone 13

Mint Mobile is offering one of the best iPhone deals that are taken from any carrier. You can purchase any 3-month data plan at Mint Mobile and you will get 3 additional months for free.

Mint Mobile’s unlimited plan is $30/month. Buy 3 months ($90 total) and you’ll get an extra 3 months for free (you’ll wind up with 6 months total).

All Mint Mobile phones are eligible for this sale, including the entire iPhone 13 lineup, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and more. View prices here you can get this iPhone 13 from Verizon, Visible,  and Mint Mobile.

iPhone 13 Pro

you can get this deal from AT&T. they offer new and existing customers the iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 mini for free an eligible trade-in.

the iPhone 13 Pro models are up to &800 after trade-in you can view deals here

iPhone 12

AT&T is offering a major discount on the iPhone 12 deal. Now, new and existing AT&T subscribers can take up to $800 off iPhone 12 phones with an AT&T Unlimited plan and trade-in.

that plan is one of the best iPhone deals from AT&T and it is especially like because these iPhone deals apply to new and current members. You can view here

you can get iPhone 12 from this platform for a cheaper rate, T-Mobile, Visible, and Apple Store

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro max is on sale for a cheaper rate. Get it before it is gone! Apple has nixed the iPhone 12 Pro Max from its lineup, but Boost Mobile has it on sale.

The Pro Max has the best cameras on any phone, the phone features a 6.7-inch super retina OLED display, 5G connectivity, Dolby Vision HDR Video, three rear cameras, A14 Bionic CPU, and a LiDAR scanner for night mode portraits. View deal here.

iPhone 11

this is one of the best cheapest iPhones deals currently. The phone packs a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display. It features an 11:16 hour battery life. Add an Unlimited line to your account and you will get the iPhone 11 for free at Verizon.

That is one of the best iPhones deals we have seen for Apple’s former flagship. You can view it here.

You can also get the same iPhone at a cheaper rate at the following dealer’s Cricket Wireless, AT&T Unlimited, and T-Mobile.

iPhone 11 Pro

Verizon is offering a range variety of iPhone deals. They also offer iPhone 11 Pro. For instance, you can get it just for $8/month when you open a new line with Unlimited.

The 11 Pro is still a very capable smartphone. You can look at it here. You can also get it from other sites like AT&T, and T-Mobile.

iPhone SE

iPhone SE is another wonderful phone to purchase. It is one of the most affordable iPhones. For a limited time, AT&T is offering it for $5/month with no trade-in required.

The offer is valid with the purchase and starts on AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. A payment plan is required with the carrier, although there’s no penalty for early payoff.

You can also get it from other sites like Visible, and  Walmart. You can view their deals here

iPhone XR

the iPhone XR is another cheap phone to purchase, you can get a discount on a new 6.1-inch iPhone for just $349. You can get it from Boost Mobile and also view deals.

You can also shop for this iPhone in Walmart, Amazon, Apple Store, and AT&T.

What is the Cheapest iPhone?

Currently, the cheapest iPhone you can get is the iPhone 7 and 6s, and also SE. the price will be lower but realistically, its all-around value, the SE is going to be the best choice.

You might want to check the best iPhone 11 pro deals; the price has reduced also.

When is the best time to buy iPhone?

People always ask when is best to purchase an iPhone. The truth is when new releases, like all other phones, when a new iPhone comes out you will see the rest devices in Apple’s arsenal will come down in price. So, you can get it when the new iPhone is released.

Black Friday: you can get it during Black Friday. It yearly mega sale, and it happens during November.

Amazon Prime Day: this is another day to buy iPhone when Amazon is doing Prime day. Amazon’s impressive sale for Prime Subscribers, phones are cheap during this two days sale.


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