Real Estate Agent How to Become

Are you thinking about how to become a real estate agent? You are in a good place for that. With flexible hours and high earning potential, the life of a real estate agent can be both freeing and massively rewarding.

Real Estate Agent How to Become

You can develop a real estate agent in about four to six months, depending on where you live. Online pre-licensing classes can speed up the process.

Why You Should Become a Real Estate Agent?

A lot of people have different opinions on why they become real estate agents. Working as a real estate agent gives you a great deal of variety. You won’t be doing the same thing every day while working with different clients and different homes.

You will get to know and work with new people, be your own boss, and enjoy the satisfaction of helping buyers and sellers through one of life’s major milestones. The payment can be good too.

For you to access this job is easy. Compared to other careers with similar earnings potential, getting your real estate license is a relatively quick and affordable process and this field doesn’t need a college degree.

Real Estate Agent How to Become

If you are searching for how to become a real estate agent, you need to the upfront investment of money and time, both of which vary depending on where you get your license. Below is a general rundown of how to become a real estate agent.

Requirements to Become a Real Estate Agent

  • To be qualified to become a licensed real estate agent, you must:
  • Have a legal US residency
  • You must be at last 18- or 19-year-old (depending on the state)
  • You must complete your required pre-license education
  • How to achieve the next level of licensing
  • Reporting criminal history

Some states have give-and-take licensing agreements with other states, which means you can get your license in one state and use it in another without having to take an additional license examination.

Take a pre-licensing course

Pre-licensing courses can be taken in person or online, so reflect your learning habits before determining where to enroll. (Some people focus better in a classroom setting, Wayne points out.)

The state needs people to take pre-licensing training from a specialized institution before they can sit for the real estate licensing exam. The needed number of training hours can be very significant by the jurisdiction in Virginia.

This course will teach you all about real estate principles like “Lien, escrow, and encumbrance”, real estate practices, and the legal aspects of the business.

Partake in the Licensing exam

The cost for the exam is $100 to $300 and you need to revisit your real estate commission’s website for instructions on how to sign up to take the licensing exam.

Exams are normally divided into two portions which are, one on federal real estate laws and general real estate principles, the second on state exact laws. Both consist of 60 to 10 multiple choice questions, which include math questions that require you to use a calculator.

Active your real estate license

After you pass the exam, you need to submit an application and any required documents and fees to your state’s real estate regulatory organization. The estimated cost is $200-$400

However, once your application is approved, the state will send you mail into a real estate license certificate, and your name will be searchable under the licensees’ section of its website.

Note that you are not permitted to work as a real estate agent before your license is issued by the state real estate authority.

Consider Becoming a realtor

Many people use the terms real estate agent and Realtor but they actually differ. licensed to help buyers and sellers throughout the real estate transaction process, Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and subscribe to its strict Code of Ethics.

So, for you to be considered a Realtor, you need to become a member of the National Association of Realtors.

Join Good Estate Brokerage

You must work under a supervising broker before you can become a real estate agent. overall, you won’t be able to earn an hourly salary, instead, the brokerage will likely pay you a percentage of the commissions it collects from your real estate transactions.

Base on the plan you have with your brokerage, you may have to pay for desk fees, tech fees like for your website, business cards, marketing materials, with other costs of doing business.


Take every risk to be a real estate agent because it will be very good pay. Also, I hope this article will be of help to assist you on how you can become a real estate agent.


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