Microsoft Advice’s Gamers on How to Speed up Games

Microsoft advice’s gamers on how to speed up games – gamers are advised by Microsoft to turn off Memory Integrity and VMP security features but not completely or permanently.

Microsoft Advice’s Gamers on How to Speed up Games

Microsoft Advice’s Gamers on How to Speed up Games

If you are a gamer running windows 11, then there is good news for you. Windows 11 now has a couple of tweaks to its security settings that can help PC gamers get smoother frame rates, the company advised.

Spotted by Tom’s Hardware, Microsoft in a blog post shells out instructions on how to switch off two features that help to provide beefier security for windows 11 PCs and in the process deliver better performances in games but there’s a catch. The catch here is that your system will be more vulnerable to attack with this very functionality being disabled.

The Features In Question Are Memory Integrity and the Virtual Machine Platform

The features mentioned in this post in question are Memory Integrity in windows Security, core isolation, and the Virtual machine Platform which is known as VMP under windows feature. Both of these features are simple switches more like a slider and a checkbox respectively that can easily be turned off if you so wish.

Microsoft’s Note to Gamers

Gaming and Tech Company Microsoft notes: “As part of continued testing and feedback from users, Microsoft has seen that in some scenarios and some configurations of gaming devices there may be a performance impact with Memory Integrity and VMP on.”

The company however further observes: “Gamers who want to prioritize performance have the option to turn off these features while gaming and turn them back on when finished playing. However, if turned off, the device may be vulnerable to threats.”

And just as Microsoft makes clear, Memory Integrity helps to ensure that all drivers installed are completely trustworthy and signed, blocking one route of injecting malicious code that villainous types might make use of.


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