Nvidia Brings Back Yet another Old Favorite

Nvidia brings back yet another old favorite and this is for those who think that the RTX 4090 is way too expensive for their reach. The graphics card-making company is not abandoning the budget stage just yet, it now seems.

Nvidia Brings Back Yet another Old Favorite

Nvidia Brings Back Yet another Old Favorite

A UK retailer known as Scan.co.uk has just recently listed and then very quickly delisted a new budget Nvidia GPU, but unfortunately, it is not the RTX 4060 we have been waiting so long to see.  It is however a new version of the already incredible RTX3060 Ti which is now equipped with upgraded GDDR6X VRAM.

The Original RTX 3060 Ti Had 8GB of Conventional GDDR6

For reference purposes, the original RTX 3060 Ti had 8GB of conventional GDDR6 which is the X variant of the memory which is essentially just faster and also more efficient with a little bit more power draw overall. The card is also reportedly cheaper at the manufacturing backend which also might explain the reason Nvidia has put this very card right into production now.

When Will the Much Affordable RTX 4000 Cards Be Available

For now, we will be waiting for the more affordable RTX 4000 cards from Nvidia next year at the quickest but it has been known for quite some time now that Team Green has been working on at least three other RTX 3000-series GPUs in order to keep things ticking over. And also given the ludicrous price of the RTX 4090, it’s not all surprising.

The GPU Originally Was Leaked on Nvidia’s Own Website

It looks at the moment as though the GPU originally was leaked on the website of Nvidia with a link to order on scan but there was no checkout option. And now, both websites now show no single trace of the leak. And just before it was taken down, the price was listed at 369BP which is the original UK RRP of the 3060 Ti and it is also equivalent to $399 or AU$699 in price.


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