Apple Watch Ultra: Spec and Features

Watches are one of the most used accessories by both men and women, frankly speaking, using good watches gives you confidence after the whole dress-up. Apple always surprises us with the way their gadgets have this uniqueness and now we are talking about the Apple watch ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra

It is the most rugged and most capable watch with a robust titanium case. 36 hours of battery life if used normally use, 60 hours if on low power settings, on and three specialized bands made for athletes.

For athletes that love hiking, running, and diving there’s a band for that purpose that specializes in outdoor activities, stamina training, and even water sports. Apple watch ultra happens to be the best and most suitable training partner to help you go beyond your limits.

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Apple Watch Ultra Specs

It is so large that it has a very big screen, the watch weighs 61.3grams (2.16 ounces), the stainless steel is at 51.5 grams (1.81 ounces), there is the always-on retina display is 2000 nits, the titanium closure is available in only one color.

The action button is international orange and the digital crown has an orange ring. The apple watch ultra can go 130 feet deep (40 meters). A raised surface protects the display, with the raised material actings as an antenna band.

It also has a 410p by 520p display covered with sapphire glass for protection. The Wayfinder watch face can be customized depending on the activity. On the water bands, the alpine loop was designed with explorers and those who love outdoor activities in mind.

Apple Watch Ultra Features

There are benefits or stuff you stand to gain using the apple watch ultra.

  • It is easier to see in sunlight and could be seen at night and even underwater.
  • It is designed to adapt to extreme environments, heights, and temperatures.
  • It has a big and bright display which makes it easier to see.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • It works as a dive computer that helps you keep track of your activity underwater.

Components of Apple Watch Ultra

These are parts that build up the apple watch ultra.

  • It has a GPS antenna.
  • Action button In international orange.
  • Dual frequency GPS.
  • Siren: is used when you are lost and in need of assistance to find your way back.
  • Side Button.
  • Depth Gauge.
  • Three-microphone array.
  • Digital crown.
  • Health rate zone.
  • Running form.
  • Alpine loop, ocean band, and trail loop.
  • Dual speakers.
  • Sensors
  • Water depth and temperature.

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How to Activate Night Mode

In order to activate night mode on your apple watch ultra, you need to do the following.

  • Turn on the Wayfinder watch face.
  • Then long press on display will provide you with a list of available watch faces.
  • Next, you scroll through the faces and click on Wayfinder.
  • Rotate the digital crown until the watch displays red.
  • Night has been enabled.

Apple Watch Ultra Different Faces

You might have heard me say on this Wayfinder face that helps you with your outdoor activities like hike, run, and diving, that happens to not be the only face on the apple watch ultra, we have other faces that have their own features.

The activity app on the apple watch ultra helps you keep track of your movement and also helps you keep fit, It keeps track of how often you move, and stand, and every activity that keeps you moving.

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Activity Analog

First, we have the Activity analog that helps your activity progress. You might be curious about what activity this face checks progress on, now activity like; audiobooks, blood oxygen, calculator, calendar, camera remote, medications, messages, podcasts, weather, workout, voice memos, sleep, reminders, world clock, news, music, and many others.

Activity Digital

This watch face shows the time in a digital way, and also shows your activity progress and activities like: maps, stopwatch, heart rate, contacts, sound levels, timer, sleep, walkie-talkie, find items, find people, cycle tracks, waypoints, audiobooks, compass, and even sleep.


It shows the time in the form of the eyes and nose, you can customize and change the face by tapping on the display. And it even blinks with every minute that passes and it was illustrated by Geoff McFetridge.


It continuously updates the earth, moon, or solar system in a 3D model. It does activities like the moon phase which relates to astronomy, now-playing, and timer, it informs you of sunrise and sunset. If you add the moon complication to your watch you can see the time of the next moonrise or moonset.


This helps you control your relaxation level and help breathe properly, the activities include compass waypoints, mindfulness, blood oxygen, alarms, mail, heart rate, find devices, and many more interesting features.

There are other watches that face the apple watch ultra like liquid metal, lunar, memoji, meridian, metropolitan, mickey mouse and Minnie mouse, modular, motion, and many others.

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What series is best for the apple watch?

Apple series 7 is the best series because of the big screen, improved durability, faster charging, it has blood oxygen and electrocardiogram sensor and it is has a case size of 41mm or 45mm.

How much does apple ultra cost?

It is worth $799 in the USA and €849 in the Uk depending on where you get it from also that determines the price.

Can you text on the apple watch ultra?

You can make calls, text, and even listen with only available cellular and network even when you are out of the country.

When can you order your apple watch ultra?

It is currently available for order in the apple store and shipping begins on September 23. The watch can be purchased at some top online shopping platforms like amazon and more.

Can you use your apple watch without your iPhone?

Yes, you can as long as you have an activated cellular plan, you can stay connected even without your iPhone.

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