Obama Foundation Global Leaders Programme 2023

The application portal for the Obama Foundation Global Leaders Programme 2023 is currently open and applicants are invited to apply on or before the deadline date.

Obama Foundation Global Leaders Programme 2023

This program seeks to inspire, empower and connect emerging leaders to accelerate positive and lasting change in their communities, region, and all over the world at large.

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Obama Foundation Global Leaders Programme 2023

The Obama Foundation program will bring different emerging leaders from all over the world. These participants will take part in weekly practical tools and training for deepening value-based leadership

More Details About the Obama Foundation Global Leaders Programme 2023

The Obama foundation leaders’ program is a six months program. It is a virtual leadership program whose major aim is to inspire, empower and connect emerging leaders to accelerate positive and lasting change in their communities, regions, and across the world in general.

The Obama Foundation is committed to raising leaders in three major areas such as Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

This foundation empowers people from a wide variety of nations and territories. This program is for people who work across the public and private sector, and address a full range of social impact issues.

The Obama leaders program offers practical skills building for social change, leadership coaching, discussion of critical issues, and small group support.

The Obama leaders also participate in various virtual experiences and special events like one-on-one conversations with experienced mentors in the Foundation’s Global network.

The program will bring together 35 emerging leaders from across each region. All the participants of this program will take part in weekly sessions containing the following curriculum;

  • Practical tools and training for deepening values-based leadership
  • Individualized or small-group coaching
  • Community groups
  • Conversations with thought leaders
  • Cultural programming showcasing the richness of diversity in the region

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Eligibility Criteria of the Obama Foundation Global Leaders Programme 2023

To be eligible for the Obama foundation scholarship, 2023, you must meet the following requirements;

  • Firstly, you must be a citizen of an eligible nation. To get more information about which nations are eligible, visit their website, reviewr.com/s2/site/obama-leaders
  • You must be a permanent resident or an eligible nation or territory
  • another option is to be a refugee or asylum seeker in an eligible country or territory.
  • You can also be eligible if you have stayed in an eligible nation for more than 5 years, regardless of your documentation status.
  • You must demonstrate at least three years of relevant experience in your area of expertise.
  • To be eligible for this program, you must be between the ages of 24 and 25 years old on or before July 15, 2023.
  • To be successful, all applicants must be proficient in the English language, both spoken and english.
  • You must be committed and a full participant throughout the program.

How To Apply for the Obama Foundation Global Leaders Programme 2023

To apply for this program, you will have to go through account creation and a login process. Follow the steps below;

  • Firstly, go to the official website of this program at, reviewr.com/s2/ms_signup?ret=%2Fsignupform%2Fobama-leaders&evtid=2259328
  • After that, click on the button that says “create account”
  • After that, you will be led to a registration page, fill up the requested form on the page and click on the submit button
  • After these steps, follow the series of steps as instructed on the next page. To apply for the program, click on the button that says “apply now”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leaders Africa?

This is the official body of the Obama Foundation Leaders Africa. This body seeks to build a growing network of both innovative and ethical people who are expected to drive positive change in their communities, their environment, their continent, and the world at large.

How Can I Join the Obama Foundation?

The Obama Foundation is not free for entry. You will have to donate $25 per month to get an exclusive membership. For this package, you will get a gift including a single pack of the exclusive field note and a limited-edition official sticker pack. You will also be eligible for members-only entry into foundation events.

What is the Mission of the Obama Foundation?

The major mission of the Obama Foundation is to inspire, empower and connect people to change their world.

What Does the Obama Foundation Fellowship Do?

The Obama Foundation Fellowship has taken responsibility to support outstanding civic innovators and leaders who are working with their communities to create transformational change and address some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Is the Obama Foundation Tax Deductible?

This organization is registered as a 501(k) nonprofit organization. All the contributions made by the body if permitted by law are tax deductible.

How Much Does the Obama Scholarship Cover?

Recipients of the Obama scholarships are given the sum of $3000 in federal work-study.

Who Are the People That Are Eligible for the Obama Scholarship?

The Obama scholarship is open to people or students that are entering their junior year of college at an accredited university to study a four-year degree course in the U.S. this scholarship is also given based on financial need.

Do You Have to Live on Campus for Obama Scholarship?

Although living on campus is not required for freshmen, the rate of success and persistence is Influenced by students’ disposal to live on campus.

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