Best Pochade Boxes – Do You Let Cut In Dry Before Rolling?

For every outdoor painter, you will need the best pochade boxes to carry brushes, paints, and mixing palettes. They are also fitted with the ability to secure a stand to the bottom of the box, similar to a camera stand.

Best Pochade Boxes
Best Pochade Boxes

However, a pochade box is a portable box designed for visual artists who colour sketches outdoors or Plein air. The box does not only serve as a lid to the box but also supports your painting.

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Best Pochade Boxes

Outdoor painting is also called en Plein air, it is the art of capturing detail and colours of nature. You will need to invest in a pochade box to make outdoor painting more pleasant.

Furthermore, the pochade box makes painting outdoors more convenient and also helps organize your equipment into a compact box for travelling. There are a lot of boxes in the market and making the right choice can be frustrating.

What is a Pochade?

A Pochade is a type of painting sketch usually done outdoors. It is used by artists to capture outdoor colours more accurately and to capture the atmosphere.

However, this box is used for supporting and carrying a pochade. We have put together a guide to help you make the right choice and some picks from Amazon we believe you will find pleasant.

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Where can I Buy a Pochade Box?

Different online retailers and in-store sell pochade boxes, below are some stores where you can buy outdoor boxes for painters.

  • Amazon
  • Dick Blick
  • Judson’s Art Outfitters
  • Cheap Joes
  • Jerry’s Artarama
  • Walmart

Buying Guide

There are some factors to consider when shopping for the right outdoors painter box, see some below:

  • You need to consider your height. To be able to draw accurately, go for canvas or painting panel at about your eye level
  • The palette size should be considerable either large or small, but if you want to become truly an expert in mixing beautiful colours go for the large palette.
  • If you are painting in a location with a very strong wind, you will need to choose wisely to avoid distraction.
  • Easy to use and carry around is another feature to look up to. Make sure you go for something that can bold several small paintings and it’s easy to use.

Amazon Best Pochade Box

These boxes are available at different price points and levels of quality. Check out our list of recommendations to find the one just right for you.

Sienna Plein Air Artist Pochade Box Easel Large

This painter box is crafted from hardwoods such as poplar, maple, and Baltic birch. It is large enough to make you enjoy your mixing of colours. It also has a built-in extendable bracket that accommodates panels up to 17 inches tall.

Additionally, sienna’s box is adjustable with a pull-out tray that accommodates brushes, and a removable glass palette comes standard.


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Mabef Pochade Box

This is a wonderful painter’s box with a built-in easel and palette. It is made of beech open flat to let easy access to its contents and functions. It is best for carrying lots of supplies.

Additionally, the palette has 5 holes spaced along one edge for vertically popping up paintbrushes. It also has a board with adjustable clamps that flip up from inside the case’s upper half to secure paper.


New Wave u. go Plein Air | Anywhere Pochade Box

The u. go anywhere outdoor painter box is made using Baltic birch wood and built to impress. This finely made box is a work of art in itself. It comes in three sizes, 6 by 8 inches, 8.4 by 11.25 inches, and 11 by 14 inches.

Furthermore, these boxes are durable, solvent-resistant as well as chip-and-crack-proof. The panel holder also operates magnetically and accommodates material thickness from .0625 to .75 inches.


Best Plein Air Pochade Box – Meeden Pochade Boxes

This is an amazing large pochade box you can put all your painting items. It can be adjusted and also designed for travelling. Come with sturdy aluminium support, it can be used as Plein air like a French easel for outdoor painting.

It can also be used as a small tabletop easel for indoor studio use. It features three parts of large storage space with removable dividers.


Best Plein Air Box with Easel – Soho Urban

Makes painting outdoors a breeze and eliminates problems usually associated with lesser-quality Pochade boxes or French easels.

It lets you carry multiple supplies and can also hole up to six painting panels.

The features adjustable and durable and is easy to use and carry around. It is perfect for carrying multiple supplies and is easy to hold with a resin handle and detachable cotton shoulder strap for carrying and transporting.


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Best Pochade Box with Tripod – Creative Mark

This is an amazing painting box with a hinged lid that turns into a French-style easel that holds paintings up to 33 inches tall.

However, it has a removable wood palette that lets artists mix paints while the multiple storage compartments can hold paint tubes, palette knives, or other supplies.

Features lightweight and easy to use, wide space for painting and mixing colour for convenience. Made of elmwood with brass plated hardware and telescoping legs.


VViViD Portable Tabletop Collapsible Studio Easel Box

The French-style easel features an adjustable support backing and clasp-locking interior storage drawer. It also comes with a leather handle making it highly portable and comfortable.

Additionally, it supports backing inclined which can be adjusted to four different angles. It is suitable for beginners and advanced artists.



What Are Pochade Boxes?

A pochade box is designed for painters who colour sketches outdoors or Plein air. The box also supports your painting with a hinged lid that serves as a lid to the box.

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What Is Painting Board Called?

It is called an easel which is an upright support used for displaying and fixing something rest upon it.

What Is A Plein Air Easel?

A plain air easel is used for when you are panting outdoors and need something lightweight ad suitable for different terrains. Made from wood, aluminium, or a combination of both.

Can You Use A Camera Tripod With A Pochade Box?

No, the pochade boxes do not include tripods, but they are made to fit all standard tripods.

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What Do Painters Hold Paint On?

They hold paint on the palette, it has a flat surface on which a painter arranges and mixes paints.

What is the Best Pochade Box

The Best pochade box feature

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Hold enough paint for a day of painting
  • Come with a large palette with enough mixing space

Do You Let Cut In Dry Before Rolling?

You can cut in around the trim either before or after rolling. The reason is that the drying time of flat and eggshell latex paint is so short, you can cut in an entire room before filling in the walls.



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