Best Entry Level Jobs for Communication Majors

In this article, you will discover the best entry-level jobs for Communication Majors. Getting a degree in communications is a good way to prepare yourself for various career paths. This degree can get you a job in marketing, corporate communication, journalism, and lots more.Best Entry Level Jobs for Communication Majors

This degree helps you develop your ability to communicate information to your colleagues, and internal and external audiences. If you have a degree in communication, read this article to get the list of well-paying jobs for communication majors.

Best Entry Level Jobs for Communication Majors

The skills you develop when you go through a Communications program are very valuable. This is because they can be applied in a variety of fields. Due to your communication skills, there are a lot of job roles you can qualify for. This can be in Human Resources, Journalism, Media, and lots more.

Highest Paying Entry-Level Communication Jobs

While you want to work in the Communication field, it’s very important you know the highest paying jobs. There are so many communication jobs you can apply for. This will help you earn more even as you enjoy what you love doing. Discussed below are some of the Well Paying Entry Level Communication Jobs you should look out for.

Social Media Coordinator

As a social media coordinator, you will be required to produce content to attract your target audience. This will be done on social media platforms. This content can be photography, videos, or even graphics. Also, you will schedule posts and use strategic captions to improve the visibility and engagement of your content.

In addition to this, you are to develop content during special events. You can work with a variety of Clients under an agency or work as an in-house creator in one company or brand.

Marketing Coordinator

Another well-paying entry-level job you can get is the job of a Marketing Coordinator. This job has an interesting role as you will be required to oversee marketing initiatives for a client or brand. You are to work closely with sales teams and also content creators.

As a market coordinator, you will be required to carry out market research to predict the performance of sales. You are also to create and establish marketing goals and also organize promotional campaigns.

Content Writer

With a degree in communications, you can become a content writer. As the name implies, you are to write content for digital platforms. This includes blogs, websites, electronic newsletters, and print materials.

Also, you are to carry out good research on the information you want to publish.  The aim of the content you produce is to educate and entertain audiences. The content you produce may include a call to action, encouraging your audience to buy a product or service.


One of the high-paying jobs you can get with your communication degree is the job of a Copywriter. The role of these professionals is to produce promotional written content for clients. You can work as a freelancer or under a company.

Also, you are required to develop copy for ads on social media, blogs, and websites. In addition to this, you can also write copies for marketing emails. You also contribute to public relations initiatives where you can write press releases, stories, and lots more.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer produces digital graphics for marketing purposes or to educate target audiences. Graphic designers utilize color palettes, graphics, and imagery that are consistent with the brands of their clients using specialist software tools.

Their work might be featured in publications, outdoor advertisements, and social media sites. While some graphic designers work as independent contractors, others may be employed on a long-term basis by the advertising agency or as in-house designers.

Brand Manager

A brand manager is a specialist who aids in developing and maintaining a person’s or business’s brand. Associate brand managers run marketing and advertising initiatives with the goal of increasing the client’s profitability in the market in order to build a strong brand reputation. Along with monitoring competitor activity, they assess outside talks regarding the brands.

Public Relations Assistant

As a public relations assistant, you will organize publicity events, campaigns, and presentations aimed at preserving a positive reputation for a business or brand. You will also manage and review press releases. You might work on several different projects or in several capacities, frequently in a hectic setting that keeps you on your toes.

Client Services Representative

A client services representative serves as a middleman for the business and its customers, facilitating transactions, scheduling meetings, and guaranteeing client pleasure. In this role, you will interact with the client on the company’s behalf, delivering crucial information and fostering a productive working relationship.

Communications Associate

Another job you can get is the job of a communication associate. Data will be gathered by the entry-level communications associate in order to evaluate the company’s public image.

Communications assistants will regularly acquire and evaluate data and analytics across a range of digital platforms. They will then offer suggestions for enhancing or growing both the public image and online presence based on their study of the data.

Internet Marketing Assistant

An entry-level job known as a “Internet Marketing Assistant” is in charge of assisting a “Digital Marketing Specialist” on designated accounts. This position will be responsible for customer email correspondence, SEO-related research, work order write-up, and trend research for SEO and SEM, as well as any connected operations.

This is a support role that focuses on studying all facets of digital marketing and helping a digital marketing specialist behind the scenes. Before being expected to lead customer meetings and respond to their inquiries, this position enables new hires to learn and develop in their position. At their own pace, an Internet Marketing Assistant can advance to a Specialist position.


Is a Degree in Communications Worth it?

Yes, a degree in communications is worth it. Most employers are looking for individuals with good communication skills. If you have this degree, you can work in any industry.

What are the Jobs that Most Communication Get?

The common jobs that communication majors get include Social and digital media marketing, public relations, marketing and advertising, writing and publishing, event planning, etc.

What are the Good Paying Jobs are Can Get with a Degree in Communication?

With a degree in Communication, you can get a job in almost any industry. Some of these job positions include Journalist, Brand Manager, Business development representative, sales representative, etc.

Is it Hard to Get a Job with a Degree in Communication?

No, it’s not hard to get a job with a communication degree. With a degree in communication, you can get a job in different careers. The skills learnt are also very valuable.

What Kind of Jobs can I get with a Communication Degree?

Technical writers and public relations professionals are two examples of occupations in communication that typically demand at least a bachelor’s degree. Professionals can advance into administrative positions or teach postsecondary communication courses with a graduate degree.



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