How to Transfer Save Data Between Users on the Nintendo Switch

Here in this content, I would be explaining details on How to transfer Save Data Between Users on the Nintendo Switch from one switch to another making use of the built-in NFC capabilities, a microSD card, or via the cloud. The steps that this article listed below cover the process both for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

How to Transfer Save Data Between Users on the Nintendo Switch

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Can Nintendo Switch Data be Transferred Between Users?

While it seems possible for you to transfer users and save data between switch consoles, you would not be able to share the same data between different user profiles. Let’s take, for instance, if you are playing the “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” on one user profile, you would not be able to copy your save file to a different player profile.

However, you should be able to access your games and save data via your user profile across multiple consoles, as long as they are linked to your Nintendo account. Each of the switches can carry up to about eight Nintendo accounts and user profiles that is associated with the console.

While you can link your Nintendo Account to multiple switch consoles, you can only make one your primary system. When playing on a non-primary system, you are expected to be connected to the internet in other to play titles that you have downloaded unless you have the game data saved to an SD card.

How to Transfer Save Data between Switch Consoles

For you to transfer the save data between two Nintendo Switch systems, the two Nintendo Switch are to be connected to the internet and must not be far away from each other. So, without further ado, below are the anticipated steps:

  • First, select “system settings” on the home screen on the source console
  • Then select “Data Management” > “Transfer your save data”
  • Select “Send Save data to another console”
  • Select a user account, then select the saved data that you would like to transfer
  • Right on the other Nintendo Switch, head to the “system settings” > “Data Management” > “transfer your save data” and select “receive save data”.

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How to Back up Nintendo Switch Save Data to the Cloud

If you have and are making use of the Nintendo Switch Online account, you can choose to back up your Switch save data on another console that is linked to your Nintendo account without having to go through the process that I describe below.

  1. Right on the home screen, get that game that you want to back up highlighted, and then press “+” icon on the switch controller
  2. Select “Save Data Cloud” and then select your user profile in other to copy the saved data to your Nintendo switch online account.
  3. Right on the other system, download your save the file by heading to the System Settings > Data management > Save data cloud.

How to Transfer User Data Between Switch Consoles

In other for you to transfer the user data right between the switch consoles using an SD card:

  • Select the “system settings” then from the home screen of the console that contains your user data.
  • Then select “Users” > “Transfer your user data”
  • The select “Next”
  • Select “Next” Again
  • Select “Source Console”
  • Select “Continue”
  • Then repeat steps 1-4 on the other switch system, and then select the target console
  • Right after the source console detects the target console, select “Transfer right on the source console

How to Transfer Your Screenshots and Recordings

Aside from transferring saved data, you can also choose to transfer your screenshots and recordings to a different console. These are not that critical, and you get to leave them where they are, but if you would like to take them to a new Nintendo Switch, you would require a MicroSD card for that.

You probably might already have one on your switch seeing as the original console switch only came with a meager 32GB of storage space. So, if there is a MicroSD card on your console, follow the steps that I would be stating for you below:

  • Head to the “System Settings” from your home screen
  • Select “Data Management”
  • Then Select “Manage Save Data/Screenshots and Videos”
  • Select “Manage Screenshots and videos”

From this screen. You can make the decision of transferring all your screenshots and videos to your MicroSD card. Once they have been copied over, you can choose to remove the SD card from your old Switch and then insert in right into the new one.

However, you might need to take the chance to plug the card into a computer and then back up your files if you want.

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How Do I Move Games From my Switch’s internal memory to a MicroSD Card?

Open Settings and then Select “Data Management” > “Move Data Between System/MicroSD card” > “Move to microSD Card”, then select the games that you would like to transfer.

Can I Transfer Save Data between users?

No, the Nintendo Switch does not support data transfer between different user profiles.

How Do I Transfer Nintendo Switch Data Via a MicroSD Card?

You cannot transfer the data from one MicroSD card to another directly on the switch, but you can do it via a PC.

How Do I Transfer my Switch Games from One User account to Another?

Any purchase made using a User account cannot be transferred to a different user account. Those games are permanently tied to whatever account you bought them from originally.

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