Top 5 Scholarship Interview Questions and How to Answer

Top 5 Scholarship Interview Questions. Applying for a Scholarship is not all there is when it comes to Study aid and awards programs. Once you apply for a scholarship, the awarding organization or Institution may invite you for an interview.Top 5 Scholarship Interview Questions and How to Answer

Basically, Scholarship interview questions are open-ended questions usually asked by an individual or committee representing the awarding organization. These questions will enable them to learn more about you. Hence, your responses to the questions can go a long way in determining your eligibility for the award.

Top 5 Scholarship Interview Questions

This article contains some of the common scholarship interview questions with sample answers. We are certain that by the time you are done reading this article, you will be ready to go for your next scholarship interview with boldness.

Endeavor to read to the end because this might just make the difference between winning that scholarship or wishing you had known better.

Tell us About Yourself

This question gives you the opportunity to lead the conversation. All the interviewer wants to know is that cutting edge you have over others. So, it’s Important to start with something general about yourself and then narrow it to a specific points.

Meanwhile, when this question is asked, don’t hesitate to talk about what’s already on your scholarship application as they already know all that. They only want to see what else sets you apart from other applicants!

Add your goals; long-term, short-term, accomplishments relating to your goals, and your personal values. It is important to demonstrate that you are thoughtful about your academics and future plans.

What is your Greatest Strength and Weakness?

Most of the time, interviewers asked this question in other to demonstrate your self-awareness. Please when talking about your strength, don’t just mention a positive attribute, back them up with a short story about when the attribute benefited you and other people.

When talking about your weakness, it is important to not just recognize your shortcoming but also show that you are making deliberate effort to work on it. Of course your interviewer does not expect a perfect candidate, they just want to know that you are aware of your shortcoming and taking the initiative to handle it.

What mistakes have you made?

You’re expected to show that you’re aware of your flaws, there is perfect human . Also the interviewer wants you to explain what you’ve learned  from those mistakes of yours.

Why do you Deserve this Scholarship?

See this question as yet another opportunity to talk more about yourself. You actually applied for this particular scholarship for a reason, thus it is important to so honest. In addition to this, you must be able to convince the interviewer that you have a personal interest in the scholarship and not a bid for college funds

You won’t be given the  scholarship because of your high GPA. Also, you can only deserve this scholarship on the basis of your passion and persistence.

Try to demonstrate your passion, rather than just talking about it. it will create an impression that you will make good use of the award.

Who is your role model?

This is a question you should prepare for. When ever you’re   asked this question, they’re trying to learn more about who you are, not really about your role model.

You must understand that the people you admire say a lot about you, and you need to be able to explain that. In describing a person you admire, it shows what kind of traits you value and what you will strive to embody.

Best of luck!



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