TikTok Set to Launch Live Shopping Service in The US

According to many reports, TikTok is set to launch live shopping service in the US. That being said, it means that you can now purchase some cool fashion items in between videos of TikTok dances.

TikTok Set to Launch Live Shopping Service in The US

TikTok Set to Launch Live Shopping Service in The US

Social media platform TikTok at the moment is reportedly launching a live shopping service in North America. The platform will be partnering up with LA-based TalkShopLive which is a live streaming buying and selling platform. The companies in question here is finalizing the deal and nothing has been signed yet, the Financial Times on Saturday reported and citing two unnamed sources in the process.

Users Can Only Purchase Items on TikTok via Sponsored Posts Currently

People at the moment can purchase items off of TikTok but that will only be possible via sponsored posts that are made by companies, the social media platform just recently partnered up with Pengium Random House so that when users on the platform make mention of one of the publisher’s book in a post, they can include a link that points directly to a page dedicated with information about the publication.

Ecommerce on Social Media Continues To Draw the Attention of Many Companies

Ecommerce on social media is something that has drawn the attention of other companies. The parent company of Facebook and Instagram, Meta back in 2016 launched the Facebook marketplace and many years later the platform already features 1.1 billion users, Meta cited. The company however did not push revenues for Marketplace for 2021. Meta in august said that it was shutting down Facebook live shopping which is a feature that is similar to a television shopping channel.

TikTok Has Experimented With the Shopping Feature in Europe

TikTok, on the other hand, has experimented with shopping feature in Europe but had to end the project when it failed to hit target sales. Live shopping on Douyin which is the sister site of TikTok in china has seen over 10 billion products sold between April 2020 and 2021 as per SEO Agency china which is a Chinese digital marketing company.


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