Best Window Planters – Do Window Planters need Drainage Holes?

Apart from the outdoor garden, you can as well grow herbs and veggies indoors with the best window planters. Due to excessive water and sunlight, a window planter is ideal for growing plants inside.

Best Window Planters
Best Window Planters

However, you can nurse and grow plants that can spic up your meals and home. From herbs for the kitchen to beautiful succulents. Read to explore.

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Best Window Planters

If you are a lover of plants and flowers, we are here to help you in your search for the right planter. We choose them based on their moisture control, size, style, and several other factors.

Additionally, we have put together a buying guide to follow in case you don’t find any of our product colours useful. The window planters are also a way to decorate your window with your favourite flowers.

Buying Guide

You should focus on specific factors to ensure you find the right planter when shopping for a window planter. Below are tips to find the right new window planter.


make sure you go for something that can fit your window and look perfectly well. However, it depends on your plants. Large plants like herbs and veggies need a ton of space while a little planter will do the job for small succulents in a window nook.

Moisture Control

If the soil is too dry or wet your plants can suffer, that is why you can also go for moisture control. Plus, go for planters that have drainage or an additional water reservoir.

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As I have stated before, plants are used to beautify a house. So makes sense that the window planters are also stylish.


You should also consider the materials because each offers its benefits. Common materials include plastic or metal frames with a fibre liner, letting them be lightweight and easy to install.

Best Window Boxes

Window boxes are also known as window planters. Here are the best window planters to dress up your home.

Amazing Creation Window Herb Planter Box

This set of window planters is best for both indoors and outside. These well-designed planters are both lightweight and durable. Furthermore, these item features a large water reservoir for hands-free watering. There are water-absorbent strips that control the moisture of your planter.


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Mayne Fairfield 5823W Window Box Planter

These Mayne moulded plastic planters are made from 100% high-grade polyethene. It comes with a double wall that creates a water reservoir. The gain water reservoir holds up to four gallons of water.  Plus, the UV inhibitors within the resin allow for a long-lasting fade-free.


GardenBasix Self Watering Pots Window Box

This indoor planter comes in a set of six, with three trim pots and three large planters. The double layer design lets excess water collect at the bottom reservoir and be reabsorbed into the soil. However, a visible water level window lets you precisely water your plants.


Kipokalor 11.1×2.36×1.77inch

Each of these planters comes with a draining hole that lets water flow through the soil and into the saucer. It is ideal for displaying live plants, but can also be used to hold and organize various other items. Additionally, each of these planters comes with a draining hole.


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Farmhouse Kitchen Window Planter Box

The farmhouse planter brings to your kitchen spice and makes your window look smart and stylish. However, it is durable and lightweight, and the wooden planter box is easy to handle and looks great inside or on the windowsill.


Barnyard Designs Farmhouse Herb Garden Planter

This wooden windowsill planter adds greenery to your space and the herb planters are for an indoor plant with a farmhouse touch. This item helps keep your fresh herb plants and spices like basil and rosemary close at hand. Plus, this is a perfect herb garden planter both indoor and outdoor.


GrowLED Self Watering Planter Pots Window Box

This is a handy water level indicator that lets you know when and how much to water you are indoor herbs and hose plants. Houseplants and especially herbs are good for you, plus they look great. It is easy to grow plants with an Aquaphobic planter.


Sekcen Railing Planter Window Box

These are amazing planters for windowsills made from pure steel that has a silky-smooth black powder coating to resist rust and decay. Plus, this deck rail planter can withstand all climates while offering secure support during all seasons.


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Kurraba Window Suction Plant Pot

This is a transparent window planter which makes it best for plants, succulents, flowers, or herbs. It is perfect for an indoor window planter. It is the perfect root view planter it’s the best gift ideal for lovers who can’t do without flowers.


COOGOU Wood Plant Stand

The flower pot stand is made of integral pine wood, with the characteristic of hard and strong stability. Additionally, the plant holder rack water content was reduced by 50%, suitable for any indoor and outdoor decorative furniture.



What Types of Plants Can I Grow in a Window Planter?

The plants you grow in a window planter mostly depend on the size of the planter. If you have a narrow, foot-long window planter, you will not be able to fit much other than small succulents. Plus, you have many more options if you have a broad and lengthy window planter.

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Do I have to Put a Window Planter in my Window?

No, you can find a lot of sports for a window planter. The window is a common choice because plants can access sunlight, but you can find other sunny places in your home.

Do Window Planters need Drainage Holes?

Proper drainage is key for plants to thrive in window box planters. However, some come with holes in the bottom to let access water run out and some don’t.

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Want is the Name of a Planter on a Windowsill?

A window box is also known as a window flower box or window box planter, it is a type of box for live flowers or plants in the form of a box attached to the sill of a window.

How many Plants should be in a Window Box?

According to sue, most plants should be 5 to 7 plants in a 24-window box depending on the varieties you choose.



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