Lululemon Takes a Swipe on Hybrid Workouts

Lululemon takes a swipe on hybrid workouts with its new fitness membership. Reports coming in at this point show that Lululemon studio will exclusively be available with the Studio Mirror which is formerly known simply as the Mirror.

Lululemon Takes a Swipe on Hybrid Workouts

Lululemon Takes a Swipe on Hybrid Workouts

Last week Lululemon announced that it will be launching Lululemon studio which is a new membership that will be available exclusively via its smart home gym known as Lululemon Studio Mirror.

This new fitness platform is created to rev up hybrid fitness by simply combining its existing roster of 10,000 on-demand and live-streaming classes alongside eight new boutique fitness studios that will be accessible online and in-person at the brick-and-mortar locations of the company.

For a fee of $39 monthly, members will be able to enjoy unlimited access to workouts from fitness studios such as Aarmy, Y7 Studio, Dogpound, Forward_Space, Rumble, Pure Barre, AKT, and YogaSix.

Lululemon to Rebrand Its Famous Smart Home Gym Service

The new program is coming as Lululemon rebrands its famous smart home gym, Mirror, to Lululemon Studio Mirror. The Lululemon Studio Mirror however will be available at a price of $795, plus free delivery which will be kicking off on October 5. The change will “add hundreds of hours of content in one place while providing access to in-person studio classes for the ultimate hybrid experience, “Michael Aragon, the chief executive officer of Lululemon Digital Fitness said in a statement.

What You Need To Access These Classes

In order to access these classes, you will need to own a Lululemon Studio Mirror which also will be available via the app and in person. If already you own a Mirror, your existing membership automatically will change to the Lululemon Studio platform. Members alongside classes will get 10% off purchases on Lululemon, special discounts when they attend in-person Lululemon Studio partner classes, plus unlimited access to classes held in Lululemon stores and many other benefits.

Lululemon Will Be Launching a Free Essential Membership in North America

Lululemon in addition to the new fitness platform and rebranding will be launching a free essential membership in North America. This membership as you should know will not require owning a Lululemon Studio Mirror and it will give you free access to studio advantages, community events, and select Lululemon Studio classes. Members also will get early access to new Lululemon products and many more.

The Lululemon Studio Mirror will be priced at $795 which of course is $700 cheaper than the Mirror previously was.


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