Best Colouring Pencils – What Color Pencils Do Artists Use?

For professional artists to beginners and adult colouring books, the best colouring pencils are must-have equipment. They are great fun for all ages, from artists to secure entertainment for children.

Best Colouring Pencils
Best Colouring Pencils

However, getting a good set should be a high priority if you love to draw. A set of colouring pencils will have a wide range of colours, durable tips, and produce intense colours.

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Best Colouring Pencils

In this blog post, we have put together commonly used colouring pencils and a guide you can follow to buy your choice.

With the right colouring pencil, you will be more accurate in tasks such as shading, hatching, and cross-hatching, as well as advanced techniques like rubbing and burnishing paper.

So, buying these high-quality colouring pencils in a set will produce intense colours. We have looked into 10 of the very best sets of colouring pencils available on Amazon for you to check out.

Best Coloring Pencils for Artists – Prismacolor Premier


  • 72 premium coloured pencil
  • Lightfast, richly saturated pigments
  • Artist’s quality coloured pencils
  • Colour easily blends
  • Slow to wear and waterproof

As a professional artist, Prismacolor’s premier colouring pencil is the right option to go for. It is soft, thick cores which make it perfect for shading and shadows.

Additionally, boasting 72 individual colours which make it any artist’s dream pencil.

The bold colour stands out on the page, while they also blend exceptionally well which makes them ideal for a wide range of drawing and colouring tasks.


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Best Coloring Pencils for Adults – Crayola


  • Vibrant colours
  • Best for adult book colouring
  • Long-lasting for art projects and other items
  • Made of wood

The Crayola set of colours features 50 rich, vibrant colours that highlight the details of every colouring book and art project. They are long-lasting and also great for school assignments, and colouring adult books.

Additionally, they are transferred smoothly onto the paper, and the diverse colours help to bring artwork to life. they are durable and 100% non-toxic making them completely safe.


Best Coloring Pencils Brand – Castle Art Supplies


  • Distribute the smooth colour
  • Easy to blend
  • Uses on different surfaces like wood, paper, and more

Whether you’re new to art, want to start over, or believe you can do better, you can only be true to your vision with great art materials.

And these materials come with a choice of 72 individual colours, each stunning vibrant, and stored in a 3-tiered presentation tin. This is a truly high-quality item, soft and durable.

Additionally, this item does not easily break and gives intense colours on a wide range of materials.


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Best for Adult Colouring Books – ThEast


  • Made of high-quality black wood
  • Don’t break easily
  • Durable
  • 8 coloured pencils in the box
  • Thick pencil core and wood

These colouring pencils come in 8 different colours, beautifully mixed and random colours. The items are strong and durable, made of high-quality black wood.

Furthermore, this pencil is suitable for adult colouring books and beginners including children. The core of the pencil is a little hard, rich and varied, multicolour pencils.


Best Colouring Pencil for Art – Color More


  • Wooden easel to hold
  • Colour more than 85 pieces
  • Has everything you need to be an artist

The colour more 85-piece drawing kit is equipped with a wooden easel to hold canvas up with n ideal viewing angle. This paint set has everything you need to be an artist.

Additionally, this versatile are kit included all drawing and painting tools that suitable for hobbyists who love painting.


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Best for Beginners – Soucolor 180 Colored Pencils


  • Softcore
  • Best for beginners
  • Good for sketching shading blending crafting
  • 180 Vibrant Colors

This colour comes with 180 Vibrant Colors and is convenient for storing and keeping the colour all visible, without any trouble finding the colour.

Furthermore, the 180 numbered individual vibrant colours, rich colours offer smooth colouring, easy blending, and shading.


Prismacolor Premier Color Pencil



  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Thick core and soft
  • Ultra-smooth
  • Lightfast

This is the best choice from Amazon, it is soft with a thick core which makes it perfect for shading and shadows.

Furthermore, it comes with 72 premium coloured pencils which makes it best for the artist. The colours are easy to blend, slow to wear, and waterproof.


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Best for USA Artist – Arteza Colored Pencils


  • Affordable
  • vibrant colours that resist fading & give maximum coverage
  • Sturdy
  • Wider colour assortment

There is an amazing colouring pencil that resists fading and gives maximum coverage. It is very soft yet strong 4mm cores that sharpen easily without breaking.

Moreover, the break-resistant cores allow you to layer colours and shade your artwork without having the tips break while you work.


Best for UK artists – Castle Arts Colored Pencils


  • Make it easy
  • Soft yet durable
  • 72-vibrant colour
  • Easily blend

This range of 72 pencils is arranged in color families. It pigmented rich, creamy colours for smooth coverage and effortless layering.

However, it can be blended and burnished to add texture and achieve the perfect shade on paper, canvas, wood, and more.


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Prismacolor Pencils


  • Fully erasable
  • Ideal for an adult colouring project
  • Pack of 24 coloured with eraser
  • Rich, smooth colour

These coloured pencils are suitable for beginners and experienced artists. It comes equipped with an eraser and leaves vivid, colourful marls that are fully erasable.

Additionally, the pencil features a strong medium point that resists breaking. It contains rich pigments that apply smoothly yet can be erased with ease.


Buying Guide

Here are features to consider when buying coloured pencils:

  • Check out the quality and range of the colouring pencil.
  • Softness is another factor to consider as most artists tend to prefer their coloured pencils to be soft.
  • The Lightfastness of coloured pencils refers to how well the colour or pigment can resist discolouration and fade under typical conditions.
  • Easy blending is another factor, and the key to successful blending colour is choosing a set of colours that lay down smoothly with a creamy texture.

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What Are Colored Pencils Made Of?

Coloured pencils are usually made either wax or oil-based.  However, there will be several binding agents, filler materials, and then the pigment itself.

What’s The Best Kind of Paper to Use With Colored Pencils?

They can be used with any of paper, though medium textured types of paper will generally produce better colour. Additionally, coloured pencils with a soft core can be used on various other materials including wood, eggshells, and more.

Which Color Pencil Brand Is Best?

The best colour pencil brand is Prismacolor premier which can be used on different surfaces. followed by Crayola coloured pencils and castle art supplies.

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What Color Pencils Do Artists Use?

Most artists used Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils which are widely considered to be the leading-coloured pencils in terms of quality for the cost. The quality of these pencils tends to match or come close to seasoned artists.

Why Are Prismacolor Pencils Better?

The higher pigment content in professional quality-coloured pencils (such as Prismacolor), joined with a core made of wax, clay, and other ingredients, makes Prismacolor Colored Pencils softer than normal colored pencils.



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