Apple Dynamic Island – iPhones That Use Dynamic island

Hearing Apple dynamic island, it sounds like a fantasy novel or movie but I tell you that is exactly what dynamic island is the newly introduced notch by apple for their iPhone 14 series.

Apple Dynamic Island

Apple gadgets have never stopped impressing us all with their good features, but the most surprising is the new feature called dynamic island found in the latest iPhone, it is currently only available on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 pro max.

The dynamic island has a very big advantage in the sense instead of visiting apps one by one, you tell them what to do and it goes there without you touching them, just say what you want and it takes you there, it has a lot of features like informing you about incoming calls and messages.

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Apple’s Dynamic island

This is a notch located on the top of the iPhone 14 that is likely, not noticeable in dark mode but noticeable in light mode. This is a pill-shaped cutout that can change form and size to display notifications and alerts, which accommodates various alerts, notifications, and interactions.

This is a really beautiful feature that helps with useful information like when your device is charging, it can also increase into the wider iPhone 14 pro, and inform you of incoming calls, it is an interactive notch that surrounds iPhone front camera but you can use it for alerts, notifications, app shortcuts, and many more features.

The dynamic island can ensure you do two activities at the same time without any interruption from either one.

Apple Dynamic Island Features

Dynamic Island carries out different activities at the same time, unlike another notch, another notch on the other iPhone takes up space but the dynamic island notch expands based on what you want to do.

There are features it appears to have on the iPhone, when your phone is locked you would not notice the notch you might even mistake it for the normal notch on phones but when you unlock it will expand a little bit and show the small lock and unlock feature with that it has shown that your phone has successfully unlocked.

When your phone is charging, the size of the notch increases to show the charging status of your phone. And when you have an incoming call it informs you too and it is even easier to end the call because you just have to tap the island and click on the hang-up button without interrupting whatever you are doing.

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Connecting to your AirPod

Another interesting thing is that it shows that your Airpod is connected when the notch increases you don’t need to swipe the top of your phone and then to Bluetooth No it just shows you when you connect your AirPods to your iPhone, and it can also show you the music controls and not just the music, all these are on the dynamic island o, you don’t have to open the music app or the streaming app to change the song you can do that change from the dynamic island.

It can also show when your face id is used, it also shows you a shortcut on your iPhone for activities you engage in most of the time, you could also get travel alerts with your dynamic island, you can also use voice memory recording, navigation instruction.

There are apps that can be used by a dynamic island which are: phone, music, maps, lyft (a ride wherever you go), clock, voice memos, wallet, and other features like AirPods and sports scores for your favorite teams.

iPhones That Use Dynamic island

iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 pro max are the phones completely accessible to the dynamic island for the now, we are sure that apple could surprise us by bringing up another device that could use dynamic island. It is possible to these two phones now because of the positioning of the front-facing camera and the face id sensors.

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Will iPhone 15 have a dynamic island?

It is likely that iPhone 15 would be having a dynamic island, Ross young suggested on Twitter that the company is supposed to put a dynamic island on the standard models of the iPhone 15 series, and the model that is the iPhone 15 could feature a punch-hole display.

Will all iPhones have a dynamic island?

Yes, but will be possible with 2023 iPhones that will have the imitation of the rollout of apple’s display notch that first appeared on the 2018 iPhone X.

How can I Hide Dynamic Islands?

Swift left or right on the dynamic island and the island will shrink or disappear and the animation will no longer be there, but that does not mean it will be gone forever or should I say disappear, so it would be just quiet till you use any app on your phone.

Will iPhone 13 have Dynamic island?

Sadly No, it is possible with the iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 pro max with the new pill-shaped cutout and the pro models that can get the dynamic island. Apple sticks to the small notch that started with I phone 13.

Could the older version of the iPhone use Dynamic Island?

Those with iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 pro max would enjoy the dynamite island feature, live activities will also be available to those with older iPhone models using ios 16.1.

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