Google Pixel Watch: Price, Specs and Features

Pixel watch is the first wear OS smartwatch invented by google and was launched alongside the Pixel 7 series at the Google October event, and has been made available for pre-order in the US, Canada, Uk, Ireland, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, and Taiwan.

Google Pixel Watch

It is not just an OS watch Google Pixel and also good news for all android phone users which is sad news for all those who use iPhone or IOS devices.

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Release Date of Google Pixel Watch, Price, and Colors

Google Pixel watch was introduced to everyone at the google October event on the 6 of October and you could pre-order before it would be released on the 13th of October it comes in three colors: Matte black, gold, and silver, and the band with different colors. Google Pixel watch is worth $349 that’s for the LTE and for the cellular it is worth $399.

Google Pixel Watch Specs and Features

Google Pixel watch comes in 41mm size, 1.26 ounces of weight,1.2-inch AMOLED display, with 2GB ram and 32GB storage, and is matching to android 8.0 or higher and has a battery of 294-mah cell that lasts for 24 hours and you can get 50% battery life in 30 minutes, its connectivity is Bluetooth 5.0, wi-fi, LTE (is optional).

It is made of 80 percent recycled stainless steel. There is one button (the crown-like button that has tactile grooves) on the right side you can use to scroll through the smartwatch. It has google Maps, google play, google calendar, google assistant, youtube music, Gmail, and many more.

It has a GPS, a microphone, a speaker, and NFC capability to able to pay transactions through Google wallet, About the OS is Google wear 3 operating system that was launched last year. There are a lot of watch faces you can select from to your taste and customize on your watch, It has a fitness tracker like workout tracking and other health tracking tools.

Do you know you can watch your pixel watch overnight cause it has a sleep tracker to give you a review of how well you rest? It has sensors like a compass, altimeter, optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and multipurpose electrical sensors compatible with ECG.

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Google Pixel Watch Fitbit

You should have a desire to stay fit because staying fit is staying healthy. When you decide to go for google Fitbit it will help your usual health metrics like your heart rate, blood oxygen level, electro-cardio activity, and even your sleep activity. It even shows you how you are ready for your day and suggests the kind of exercise you take for the day.

Fitbit also offers a premium in order to enjoy a lot of fitness and health details, lifestyle guidance, and over 400 mindfulness sessions and 1000 workouts. The Premium costs $10 per month and $80 per year. The health tracking features have the heart rate sensor due to the optimization work Google and Fitbit used to power the watch by using Samsung chipset and due to this chip, it does not consume much of the battery life.

Google Pixel Watch Software

Google Pixel watch software is OS 3.5, which makes activities more comfortable and provides anywhere and whatever that is, you can equally communicate with your watch and you can customize your watch faces the way you want them. And the google Assistant inside becomes your personal assistant to help you take off activities that are stress-free and quick to use. That’s not what google assistance does it also helps you to control your smart home devices like your thermostats and lights all with the help of google assistance.

Google Pixel Watch and other Pixel Devices

Google Pixel watch makes you really enjoy all other pixel devices you already have because you would feel connected to them and easily use them through the help of your google pixel watch.

For example, with fast pair, you could be connected to your pixel buds and you can start a call from your watch instead of your phone and can later transfer your call to your phone after you have started the call, in order to continue the call from your phone. It helps you to feel secure with the emergency SOS feature embedded in your pixel watch in case of any state of emergency it alerts your trusted contacts to come to your aid.

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What Does a Google Watch do?

From your wrist, you can check your schedule, send messages, get information, get notifications from your phone to your watch and get incoming phone calls. There are more amazing features that the watch carries, and would find out more when the watch launches.

Is the Google Pixel watch match my iPhone?

No IOS phones are not currently supported, to be able to use your google pixel watch with your phone, you need an android OS version 8.0 or higher.

Does the Google Pixel watch have GPS?

Just like the apple watch, the Google pixel watch has GPS for tracking running routes and fall detection. Google really put in some work to make the watch a top-notch watch. Google wants to make a watch that can be ranked among the best.

How does the Pixel Watch Charge?

The pixel watch has a 294mAh battery which charges wirelessly via a USB-C charging cable with a magnetic puck and has a surprising charging speed of about 80 minutes. The charging is really great considering its speed and seeing as it is Google’s first watch, we can say they did quite great.

Does the Pixel watch come with a charger?

Indeed it comes with a charger but a wireless charger inside the box that looks quite similar to Galaxy watch 5.

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