LinkedIn to Verify User Identity and Employer

LinkedIn to verify user identity and employer. You can now get a heck mark on LinkedIn all thanks to a new partnership with Clear and Microsoft. With that being said, you can now forget about Twitter and all of its problems.

LinkedIn User Identity and Employer

LinkedIn User Identity and Employer

Social media platform LinkedIn right now has unveiled a couple of new features that are designed to allow millions of its members to verify their identities and in the process thwart the efforts of online scams as well as hackers.

The platform as you should know already was testing an email-verification system with select employees. And on Wednesday, the company said that the features which reportedly allow members to confirm their place of employment with a security code that is sent to their work email are now available to 50 million LinkedIn members all over the world.

LinkedIn Has Now Partnered With Biometric Verification Company Clear

LinkedIn In addition to this news has now partnered with biometric verification company Clear, which is best known for its airport security service. And beginning this very month, existing members of Clear will now be able to verify their LinkedIn profile simply with a phone number, a government-issued photo ID, and a selfie.

Other Notable Features

Another new offering on the table allows LinkedIn members to confirm their employer with Verified ID credentials directly from Microsoft Entra. The feature initially launched back in 2022 but will expand greatly at the end of the month of April, when it will be made available to over 2 million LinkedIn members at companies that already enrolled with Entra.

What Microsoft Has To Say about the Partnership

“When you meet professional contacts for the first time online, you need additional trust signals to increase your confidence that they are who they say they are,”, Microsoft’s president of identity and network access, Joy Chik in a blog post wrote.

Chik however suggested that Verified ID could be utilized during background checks and help-desk calls as well as in other scenarios.

“By simply looking for verification, members and organizations can be more confident that the people they collaborate with are authentic and that work affiliations on their profiles are accurate,” she reportedly wrote.

The Three Features Are Now Available For Free To All Members of LinkedIn

All of three features are now available for free to all members of LinkedIn. And if you get to enable any of them, details of your verification will be made visible on your LinkedIn profile.

“We’re helping give you the confidence that who you’re connecting with and the content you come across is trusted and authentic,” LinkedIn vice president for product management, Oscar Rodriguez in a statement said.

Global Availability of the Feature

And although not every single user on the platform will immediately have access to all of the said features, Rodriguez, however, added, “we will expand availability and ways for you to participate over time.”



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