Samsung Pay: One of the Best Ways to Make Payments Online

Have you heard about Samsung Pay? Heck is one of the easiest ways to make purchases on your watch or phone. The device automatically turns your device into a digital wallet that carries debit, credit, or gift cards. It is well designed for your convenience. You can also secure your financial data with the use of biometric security so no one can be able to access your financial data.

The Samsung Pay helps you to simplify how you pay safely. The service is a very convenient service that allows payment at any point of sales through the use of your phone. This payment method eliminates the exchange of your card and bank information between the merchant and you the payer. It also has a speedy transaction process that saves the customer time.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

This platform holds a high place among all other available mobile payment services and apps. The app also includes a section for the store, where you can easily buy gift cards for restaurants and shops combined with a deal section that offers coupons you can easily print out. This service generally does not work with readers where you are required to insert your card into the slot physically like the ATMs and gas stations.

It works not only in the US but in over 27 other countries as well. The Samsung pay is strictly about payments made with mobile devices, the app is super helpful no doubt, a trial will convince you. if you want peace of mind then this app is for you as it also has several added layers of security to keep it locked from third parties.

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About Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is a digital payment service that is powered by Samsung electronics, it allows the user to make payments using compatible mobile phones and other devices produced by Samsung. The Samsung Pay was launched on the 20th of August 2015. The service allows the use of near field communications, contactless payments, also in support of magnetic stripes by incorporating magnetic secure transmission, in some other countries it also supports bill payments.

Benefits of Samsung Pay

Below are some listed benefits of Samsung;

  • It is a very fast and secure online payment method. It gives room for smooth, fast, and secured checkouts for online buyers.
  • Immediate activation is allowed as the service is pre-installed on most of the Samsung devices that let users make transactions without the use of card or cash. In the case where it is not available, you can always download the app from your google play store.
  • It provides an affordable digital wallet; unlike other digital wallets services that only work on specific card reader types and terminals, it can be accessible on systems that accept magnetic stripes, NFC chips cards, and EMV.
  • It is rewarding; users can actually make use of any kind of card with a barcode through the Samsung pay. This means that they get the chance to update their loyalty programs through coupon offerings with barcodes, cards, and certificates, giving the customers room to keep them all in their digital wallets with ease. Through this, they tend to get points and rewards.
  • It adds extra security measures to the authentication process, which is known as the Samsung Knox, a tokenization technology that setup a random set of unique numbers for each of the transactions.

How to Use Samsung Pay

Below are the steps on how to use the pay service on your mobile device.

  • Once you have installed the Samsung Pay, open it, and tap on get started.
  • Then enter a new PIN and reenter to confirm your PIN.
  • If it’s your first time using the Samsung pay, you will be required to add your payment cards. Add your card(s) or tap on the Samsung Pay Home.
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