Janitor Jobs with Visa Sponsorship USA – APPLY NOW

If you are interested in janitor jobs, it available with visa sponsorship in the USA. The janitor is also called custodians, they take care of keeping buildings clean and tidy, both inside and outside.

Janitor Jobs with Visa Sponsorship USA
Janitor Jobs with Visa Sponsorship USA

However, they often work in places like offices, schools, and hospitals. Janitors collaborate with administrative staff to address messes, handle general maintenance, and ensure necessary supplies are ordered.

What Does a Janitor Do?

A janitor is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of buildings or facilities. Their duties typically include tasks such as sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, emptying trash bins, cleaning windows, and sanitizing restrooms.

Janitors also may be tasked with minor repairs, such as fixing leaky faucets or changing light bulbs. The goal is to ensure that the environment is clean, safe, and orderly for occupants or visitors. In larger facilities, janitors may use specialized equipment, such as floor buffers or carpet cleaners, to efficiently perform their duties.

Janitor Salary in the United States

How much does a Janitor make in the United States? Everyone wants a pay that can foot their bills, and help live to the USA standard of living. However, you need to know the salary is based on years of experience, location, and company.

But the average salary is between $15.04- $21.61 per hour while the yearly range is $40,614- $58,347.

Salaries by years of experience in the United States

As I have stated earlier, you are also paid according to the years of your experience. The more years of experience the higher your salary. Below are salaried by tears of experience in the USA for janitor jobs:

Years of Experience Per Year
Less than 1 year
1-2 years $38,680
3-5 years $42,618
6-9 years $45,812
More than 10 years $58,347


Top Companies for Janitors in USA

In the United States, there are some top companies offering janitor jobs with free visas and other useful benefits that are listed below. However, we have done the research and attached the link for the application for a stress-free job search for those interested. Below are the companies:

Company name Per hour Per years Website to apply
Service by Medallion $15.38-$30.98 $49,492-$186,656 https://www.servicebymedallion.com/
Kellermeyer Bergensons Services $12.82-$23.38 $32,000-$131,926 http://www.kbs-services.com/
Enviro-Clean $12.26-$23.00 $40,000- $61,729 http://www.enviro-clean.com/
Flagship Facility Services, Inc. $11.00-$41.35 $45,000- $122,271 http://www.flagshipinc.com/
GDI Services $11.33-$26.22 $22,362-$87,464 http://www.gdi.com/
Scioto Services $10.00-$18.44 $24,000-$79,844 https://www.sciotoservices.com/
ABM Industries Inc. $11.60-$34.50 $31,893- $117,730 http://www.abm.com/
All 1 Service $10.00- $20.98 $23,000-$82,462 https://www.all1service.com/
Sizemore Inc. $10.59-$21.71 $35,412-$107,239 https://www.sizemoreinc.com/
Caravan Facilities Management $12.00-$27.47 $35,000- $109,548 http://www.caravanfm.com/


Highest Paying Cities for Janitors Near United States

Some cities offer high-paying janitor jobs in the USA with lots of benefits and some of them are listed below:

Cities Per hour Per year
New York, NY $23.71-$41.86 $64,024-$113,040
Los Angeles, CA $51,478- $91,047 $19.06- $33.72
Chicago, IL $17.65-$24.78 $47,664- $66,901
Sacramento, CA $17.07- $20.77 $46,092-$56,090
Atlanta, GA  $16.53- $33.55 $44,639- $90,601
Phoenix, AZ $15.99-$21.27 $43,183-$57,431
Las Vegas, NV $15.36-$24.89 $41,465-$67,214
Detroit, MI $15.32-$23.06 $41,374-$62,267
Indianapolis, IN $14.19- $20.85 $38,313-$56,290


Similar High-Paying Janitor Jobs in the USA


Average $15.79 per hour

Custodians are those who dust, mop, clean restrooms and restock paper and soap supplies. However, they account for all keys for the department or unit.


Average $14.75 per hour

They are responsible for cleaning the house and taking care of the home properties. Furthermore, they report any safety risk to the homeowner or manager in charge.


Average $15.33 per hour

Your duties include cleaning in and around the residence of an office building. However, you can also clean glass and windows.

Office Cleaner:

Average $15.04 per hour

Make sure you get in the office early and put everything in order. What I meant is arranging the office desk and mopping the floor, dusting tables and cleaning the window, In summary, keep the office neat.

Floor Technician:

Average $15.69 per hour

Your duty in this field is to sweep the floor, mop, scrub, buff the floor surface, etc. However, you will need to clean or extract and install carpets.

Environmental Specialist:

Average $18.09 per hour

Focus on the environment, making sure it is tidy. However, you are to identify pollution issues in the environment and fix them, supervise field examinations and report harmful locations.

The Most Common Benefits for Janitors

There are lots of benefits to enjoy aside from high earning, and some of them include:

  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • 403(b)
  • AD&D insurance
  • Adoption assistance
  • Commuter assistance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Employee discount
  • Employee stock ownership plan
  • Flexible schedule
  • Flexible spending account
  • Health insurance
  • Health savings account
  • Life insurance
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Paid sick time
  • Paid time off
  • Paid training
  • Parental leave
  • Pet insurance
  • Professional development assistance
  • Referral program
  • Retirement plan
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Vision insurance
  • Wellness Program

How to Become a Janitor

While some employers will take on janitors without a high school degree, most would rather have one. Apply to available janitorial employment after that. Most big establishments, including hospitals or schools, have a staff of janitors. Senior janitors may be in charge of scheduling and intricate upkeep, while the less experienced janitors are typically in charge of tasks like rubbish collection.

Skills and Requirements

  • Cleaning skills
  • Custodian experience
  • Janitorial experience
  • High school diploma or GEO

Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the janitors’ duties so far:

  • Trash: Janitors keep an eye on trash cans, emptying them every day on average and taking out any big objects.
  • Protection: The building’s keys are frequently in the hands of janitors, who also ensure that all doors are securely locked or unlocked.
  • Remainder: Regular maintenance tasks like waxing floors and changing lightbulbs are completed by janitors.
  • Dusting: As needed, janitors wipe windows and mop up spills, among other spot-cleaning tasks.
  • Outside Certain janitors could be in charge of outside maintenance tasks like raking leaves and shoveling snow.

How to Apply for Janitor Jobs with Visa Sponsorship USA

To apply for the job, follow the steps below:

  • Obtain the required Janitor qualifications
  • Research potential employers offering visa sponsorship by visiting indeed.com, linkedln.com, google, or visit any company website listed above.
  • Submit job applications to these employers.
  • Highlight your visa sponsorship needs in your application.
  • Attend interviews and discuss sponsorship during the process.

Types of Visas Required

The visa is based on the location which is the country and state. However, below are visas to apply for:

  • H-1B visa for skilled workers in specialty occupations.
  • TN visa for Canadian or Mexican professionals under the USMCA.
  • O-1 visa for individuals with extraordinary ability in the field.
  • J-1 visa for exchange visitors (limited availability for dental hygienists).
  • Green card (permanent residency) for long-term employment.


How Much Weight Are You Required to Lift as a Janitor?

The particulars of the job will determine how much weight a janitor needs to be able to lift. When it snows, for instance, certain janitors would be justified in hauling bulky bags of salt to exterior walks, while others might only need to raise a hammer.

What Are the Hours of Work for a Janitor?

While some janitors work part-time, many work full-time. The kind of building where the janitor works determines the janitorial shifts. Janitorial workers frequently arrive at office buildings after regular business hours. Since hospitals are open around the clock, janitors typically staff hospitals for the entire day. Janitors at schools typically work during school hours.

Do Janitors Require Official Training?

There is no formal training required for janitors. Many businesses have workplace safety policies that apply to every employee. Some call for janitors who may come into contact with body fluids while cleaning to undergo additional specific training.



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