Event Planner Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Are you an event planner and you want to travel to the United State to enhance your skill? Well, if the only thing stopping you from travelling to the United State is the finances involved, then an event planner job in USA with visa sponsorship is the best opportunity to take advantage of. Read on for more details.

Event Planner Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship
Event Planner Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Event Planner Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

An event planner is s professional who is charged with the responsibility of logistics like choosing a location, hiring caterers, and coordinating with other vendors. This vendor includes entertainment or other aspects to ensure a pleasing event. On the other hand, an event planning job in USA with visa sponsorship allows you to work in the United State without no interference.

Who is an Event Planner?

Event planners are people who are responsible for arranging all the details of an event. They monitor the process leading up to an event and also make changes when needed during the event itself. Furthermore, they take logistics like choosing a location, hiring caterers, and coordinating with other vendors.

Requirements of Event Planner Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Below are outlined a list of requirements that qualifies you to gain employment in the United State as an event planner. In simple terms, you can say it increases your chances of being employed. You can check them out below:

  • Impressive portfolio-managed events.
  • Sales skills and ability to build productive business relationships.
  • MS Office proficiency.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects independently.
  • Willingness to submit references from previous clients.
  • Excellent time management and communication skills.
  • Proven experience as an events planner or organizer.

These and many more are requirements you need to get a job in USA as an event planner.

Responsibility of an Event Planner

Below are the responsibilities of an event planner:

  • Brainstorming and implementing event concepts and themes.
  • Organizing suppliers, caterers, staff, and entertainment.
  • Preparing event budgets and processing invoices.
  • Researching and booking venues.
  • Anticipating attendee needs and making preparations against potential risks.
  • Identifying clients’ requirements and expectations for each event.
  • Coordinating all logistical elements of the event.
  • Managing set-up, tear-down, and clean-up operations.
  • Developing post-event reports on the effectiveness of each event

Benefits of Event Planning

Below are the benefits that come with an event planning job.

  • Flexible work hours.
  • Attractive salary and others.

Where to Find Event Planner Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

In other to get a job in the United State, you will need a good device, a good internet connection, and also a legit website to carry out the process. Some of these websites include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Jooble
  • Monster

How to Apply for an Event Planner Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Follow this process below to apply for an evening planner job in USA with Visa sponsorship:

  • Visit a legit website like Indeed, LinkedIn, and others.
  • Use the search bar to search for the job and from the down drop click on the job you want.
  • Go through the job description to check for the qualification requirement.
  • Set up all your documents account to the requirements.

Follow all instructions on the site to complete the process.

Interview Question for Event Planner Jobs

Here are possible interview questions you might be asked:

  • How long have you been an event planner?
  • Why do you choose to work for us?
  • Why do you choose to work in the United State and not your country?
  • What skill does an event planner need to have and do you have them?
  • What is your opinion about customer satisfaction?

Visa for Event Planner Job in USA

For jobs like this, you will be needing O-1 visa. This is the best and most recommended visa for event planners. The visa is given to those with extraordinary skills or television personalities and the event planning job is no different. To get this visa you must ensure you are having a job offer letter.

Salary of an Event Planner in USA

An event planner in the United State ranges from $20.71 to $24.79 and $47,225 and more in a year. Note, as time goes on there are chances of an increment.


How can a Foreigner get a Job in USA?

If you live outside the United States and want to work here, you generally must apply for a visa from the U.S, but ensure you have a job offer. Department of State (DOS), unless a visa is not required for people from your country of nationality. You may visit DOS’ Travel Without a Visa page for more information.

Who can Sponsor me in USA?

United States citizens can sponsor their spouse, children, parents, brothers, and sisters. It is also important to note that United States citizens wishing to sponsor their parents must be at least 21 years old. LPRs can sponsor their spouse or unmarried children.

Can I get a US Work Visa without Sponsorship?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a work visa without sponsorship from an employer in the United States. There are three types of visas that allow this, and they are known EB-1, O-1, and EB-5. An immigration attorney can help with obtaining one of these visas.



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