International Day of the Seal – What is International Seal Day?

On the 22nd of March, the International Day of the Seal is celebrated to promote the conservation of seals around the world. Although it is not as popular as other holidays like Mother’s Day or Christmas, it is still a day worth celebrating. on this day, you get to celebrate this marine mammal life.

International Day of the Seal

A Seal is a type of animal called a pinniped, which in Latin means “fin-footed.” Other pinnipeds include the walrus and the sea lion. What makes a seal different from other pinnipeds is that they do not make use of their flippers to walk. When they are on land, they make use of their belly to slide around.

When on water, their flippers aid them in swimming fast. Seals also are much quieter and smaller than their sea lion and walrus cousins.

Fun Facts About Seals

In case you have little idea about seals, below I have stated some fun facts about them.

  • A group of seals is called a raft or a herd
  • The layer of fat under a seal’s skin is called blubber, and this helps keep them warm in cold water
  • Usually, it is not common for a herd or raft to consist of 1,500 seals.
  • The female seals are called cows, and their babies are called pups
  • Smaller seals weigh around 100 pounds, while larger seals weigh over around 7,000 pounds.
  • Seals have 33 different species
  • The whiskers of a seal help them detect prey in murky water
  • Their life span can range from 25 to 30 years

Seals can be found all around the world. They live in the northern Pacific Ocean between Asia and North America. Some species of seals live off the coast of South America, Africa, Antarctica, and Australia.

Endangered Species of Seals

Through the ages, Humans have hunted seals for blubber, meat, and for making fur coats. Because of this, some of these species of seals are endangered. At the moment, the most endangered species of seals are:

  • Saimaa ringed seals of Finland
  • Ungava seals of Quebec
  • Mediterranean monk seals
  • and Hawaiian monk seals

How to Celebrate #InternationalDayOfTheSeal

On International Day of the Seal, a lot of Zoos, aquariums, and conservation organizations host special events to celebrate the seal. If you would like to take part in the celebration;

  • Visit a Seal Exhibit at your local Zoo
  • Learn about the different species of seals and how they survive
  • You can watch a documentary on seals. You can check out “The Hidden Seals of Siberia” or “Playground of Seals.”
  • Donating to the Seal Conservation Society can help too.

One of the best ways to celebrate it also is by posting a picture or a video of a seal with the #internationaDayOfTheSeal.

International Day of The Seal History

In the year 1982, the U.S. Congress declared an International Day of the Seal. This Holiday aims to draw attention to the cruelty of seal hunts and to help prevent this animal’s extinction. The Holiday has been observed yearly on the 22nd of March. The total number of seal species was already on the decline at that time.

At that point, they were increasingly becoming victims of humans. This is mainly because men hunted seals for meat, blubber, and pelts. In other to stop this, the day was proclaimed the “Say of the Seal.” The Congress of the United States established the worldwide holiday to raise awareness among Americans concerning the plight of the seals. They worked on several projects that would help raise awareness about the importance of protecting seals.


What is International Seal Day?

International Seal Day takes place on March 22. Also, it is a set aside to raise awareness about seal conservation around the world. It’s also it is a day for us seal lovers to honor this amazing sea mammal.

What day is Seal?

Every year on March 22nd

What are 3 facts About Seals?

Seals can dive to great depths underwater and stay there for up to two hours. Seals use clicking or trilling noises to communicate. Seals eat fish, birds, and shellfish. Male seals are called bulls; females are called cows; and babies are called pups.

Why is the seal important?

Seals are essential members of their ecosystems, both as predators of fish, squid, shellfish, seabirds, and other marine life and as prey for hunters like polar bears, orcas, and sharks.

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