Innovation Challenge for Digital Circular Economy 2024 – APPLY NOW

Do you have a startup with an Innovative solution for the digital circular economy? If yes, you’re invited to apply for the 2024 Hitachi Innovation Challenge for Digital Circular Economy. Hitachi is on a mission to pave the way for a sustainable future.

Innovation Challenge for Digital Circular Economy 2024
Innovation Challenge for Digital Circular Economy 2024

The Innovation Challenge for Digital Circular Economy, initiated by Hitachi, invites companies worldwide to contribute solutions to address pressing concerns in the area of Battery Circulation, Plastic Circulation, Bio-Based Material Circulation, and Circulation-Based Eco-Design.

Hitachi is a multinational electronics company headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Its establishment can be traced back to 1910 with a subsidiary electrical machinery manufacturing plant by Namihei Odaira within the Kuhara Mining Plant Hitachi Mine in Hitachi, Ibaraki.

Themes to Tackle

  • Battery Circulation: Entrants are encouraged to present innovative approaches to extending battery life, recycling mechanisms, and environmentally conscious disposal methods.
  • Plastic Circulation: This theme calls for strategies to enhance plastic recycling, reduce single-use plastic, and promote the use of recycled plastics in manufacturing processes.
  • Bio-Based Material Circulation: The theme challenges participants to explore and propose sustainable alternatives to traditional materials.
  • Circulation-Based Eco-Design: The emphasis is on creating products with extended usability, minimal environmental impact, and efficient recycling processes.

Benefits of Hitachi Innovation Challenge:

Participating in the Hitachi Innovation Challenge comes with numerous opportunities for forward-thinking businesses.

  • Possibility to discuss Proof of Concepts: Winners of the challenge gain the chance to engage in in-depth discussions on Proof of Concepts, to showcase the viability and impact of their proposed solutions.
  • Pitch to Hitachi Top Executives: The Final Event offers a unique opportunity to pitch ideas directly to Hitachi’s top executives.
  • Collaboration with Hitachi Incubation Representatives: Successful participants may find themselves collaborating with Hitachi’s incubation representatives.
  • Connection to Related Business Units:

Challenge Requirement

The Hitachi Innovation Challenge is Open to startups worldwide. So, whether your company operates in Silicon Valley or on the bustling streets of Tokyo, Hitachi welcomes your contribution to shaping a sustainable future.


  • Application (Nov 20, 2023 – Jan 14, 2024): The initial phase calls for startups to register and submit their unique ideas on the designated platform.
  • Mentoring (Jan 22 to end of February 2024): Hitachi’s experts provide insights, guidance, and refinement.
  • Final Event (Mid-March 2024)

Innovation Challenge for Digital Circular Economy 2024 – How to Apply

With revenues totaling 10,881.1 billion yen in the fiscal year 2022 and a vast global presence, Hitachi is a formidable partner for businesses aiming to elevate their impact.

Start your application now to seize the opportunity to advance your business to the next level with an industry leader.

For detailed information, visit the Hitachi website at

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the 2024 Hitachi Innovation Challenge for Digital Circular Economy, is January 14, 2024.



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