How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone SE and an iPhone with Face ID

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone SE and an iPhone with Face ID. Taking pictures on your iPhone has always been straightforward, but ever since the iPhone X launched, the method to do this has kinda changed somewhat, especially when compared with that of the iPhone SE 3.

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone SE and an iPhone with Face ID

Since the method of making use of two buttons to take a screenshot is the same with every iPhone model, the specific buttons can differ, depending on the type of model that you have. Also, there are accessibility options that can carry out the same function, and we would be taking you through that process.

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone SE and iPhone with Face ID

You might be looking to take a screenshot to share on WhatsApp or Instagram for example, or as something to use for a work assignment. But the screenshots are always displayed in high-resolution, so there is little chance of the quality being downgraded.

But have it at the back of your mind that if you want to take a screenshot of a movie through subscription-like Apple TV and Disney Plus, you would be faced with a black screen based on licensing rights.

How to Take a Screenshot on an iPhone X and later

While the first iteration of the iPhone debuted in the year 2007, until iPhone X 2017, the only way to take a screenshot was making use of two buttons, or via the accessibility shortcut. Well, now there are new ways to take a screenshot, and it applies to:

  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X

in other to do this, press the Power + volume up buttons together, and if done right, a screenshot will appear in the button will appear in the left corner of your iPhone.

You can make use of the “Mark Up” feature to crop the image or draw something onto it if you wish, otherwise, it would save your screenshots album right into the photos app.

Taking a Screenshot on an iPhone SE 3 and Older

You might still be making use of an iPhone 8 and lower, or probably one of the iPhone SE models, that includes the recently-released iPhone SE (2022).

Instead, there is a much simpler method of taking a screenshot.

Press the power + Home Button together, and the same camera snap sound effect will be heard if done correctly, followed by a preview of the image.

This process is the same as the iPhone X models and later, where you can make use of the ‘Mark Up’ feature to crop the image or even modify it in a different way. Once you are done, the image would automatically save your ‘screenshots’ album in the Photos app.

Using Accessibility to Take a Screenshot on iOS 15.4

Now that we have gotten right into the method for hardware, there are also accessibility features that can help you take a screenshot within iOS, without making use of any buttons.

While you can make use of the BackTap feature to make it take a screenshot, which requires you to tap right on the back of your iPhone a number of times, there’s another feature that makes this process a lot easier.

Assistive Touch is an accessibility feature that can be designed to enable features from the menu that are constantly there, wherever you are on iOS. This has been around since the iOS 9, so as long as you are in possession of an iPhone that can run on this version and above, you would be able to take a screenshot through this menu, regardless of whether you are in possession of an iPhone SE (2016), 0r a green iPhone 13.

  • First head to settings > Accessibility > touch, then turn on Assistive Touch.
  • Right inside this setting at ‘customize Top menu’, you can choose certain settings, which includes taking a screenshot.
  • Select ‘Screenshot’, and now, you can take a screenshot through assistive Touch, wherever you are on your iOS.
  • Also, there is a setting that is within Accessibility to make Assistive Touch appear when you want it to by pressing the power button three times. This would make it a lot easier to have it appear when you want to, instead of a menu constantly being displayed.

Go to settings > Accessibility > Accessibility shortcut, and head to ‘Assistive Touch’. When you press the power button three times, it would appear and then disappear at your command.


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