Microsoft Edge Games Panel Alerts Internet Explorer Repeat Concerns

Microsoft Edge Games Panel Alerts Internet Explorer Repeat Concerns. When Microsoft edge’s new browser was launched, it was only too happy to finally distance itself from the dinosaur Known as the Internet Explorer. It began with an entirely new web browser engine that ended up falling flat on its face.

Microsoft Edge Games Panel Alerts Internet Explorer Repeat Concerns

By building on a Chromium Foundation, however, Microsoft seems to have found freedom to build on some new features that are exclusive to it, however, Microsoft found some freedom to build a new feature that is exclusive only to its browser. It seems to have gotten to the extreme, though, and Microsoft Edge is now poised to wear Internet Explorer’s crown, and not in a great way.

Internet Explorer Baggage

To be fair, the internet happens to owe a great deal to Microsoft’s browser. Although Netscape preceded it, internet Explorer’s ubiquity and integration with windows helped democratize the web and make it available to all its regular users. It was, for years, the only way that most people got to gain access to the internet, and the internet was almost recognized by its “e” logo.

That became history, and the internet explorer now became more of a liability. With the evolving of internet standards, IE was left behind based on the fact that Microsoft’s inability to quickly iterate over its development. Part of it had something to do with software’s bloat, and it seems that the tech giant wants to repeat history.

Games Galore

Even when it was still in use by the company’s propriety new edgeHTML engine, Microsoft Edge was quite light on its feet when compared to the likes of Google Chrome. Switching to a Chromium base freed the company to focus on adding amazing new features to separate itself from its rival. Some of those might have made sense, but others are beginning to anger some of the fans of Edge.

One of the most recent controversial new features is to purchase now, pay later scheme that might have been perfectly fine as an optional add-on. To add to a browser arguably having no business getting involved with this kind of financing system, some have complained that it seems to have made Edge noticeably slower. This just seems to be the latest in a number of features related to shopping, one of Microsoft’s key advertising points for Edge.


This is no big issue with having these interesting features just some clicks away. The problem here is that they are built right into the browser itself. Even if it is optional, this new addition still adds code that needs to be carefully maintained and checked after every release.

Every bug fix for these incredible features would need Edge releases, as well. In an age where add-ons and browser extensions have become the norm, some users fear happens to be regressing and, as a result, placing edge at risk of facing the same fate as Internet Explorer did.


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