Capital One Shopping – How Capital One Shopping Works

Capital one shopping makes shopping easier. Like money from PayPal it is a browser extension that lets you get the lowest price for products you find in a store. Specifically e-commerce stores like Amazon, eBay, and the likes. It helps you save time and the stress involved in seeking out the best price on a product all by yourself. It would mean going from one store to another manually just to compare their prices for the same product.

Capital one Shopping

Capital one Shopping

It is free to use browser extension compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and safari. Capital one shopping is owned by capital one bank. And their aim is to help you save money. Last year saw the shopping saved users millions of dollars. Using this shopping is simple. First, you’ll have to decide on which browser you prefer using.

How to Install Capital Shopping

Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari are a handful of the best browsers having the capital one extension. If you prefer Chrome, for instance, you’ll visit the Chrome web store to download the capital one install for free. For Firefox, you’ll visit the Mozilla Firefox add-on page. For Microsoft Edge, visit the Microsoft store. The same thing hoes for safari, you can get the capital one browser extension at the safari extensions store. These options are all for windows or mac users, meant for your pc.

Mobile phone users can still enjoy shopping by downloading the app. Simply visit the Apple store for iPhone users or google play store for Android users. Next enter “capital one shopping” and click to search. Once seen, install away and you’re done. If you don’t find it in your app store then it means the shopping service isn’t available in your location just yet. You can settle for the web browser extension on your PC.

How Capital One Shopping Works

Both the browser extension and the mobile app of the shopping provides you the same service. However, they are used quite differently. To use the mobile app, you’ll have to visit stores via the app. The browser extension after installation operates in the background. It only pops up when you’re in an e-store like Amazon for example. If you have the browser extension installed, and you search for a product on Amazon, you will find an extra link by capital one underneath the product.

This happens for all the products you search for. Clicking on the capital one shopping link would automatically compare that product with hundreds of other similar products in the store for the cheapest price. It shows you the products afterward. You can also search for products directly in the app or scan products in your preferred e-store.

Another way capital one shopping helps you save money is by checking for available coupons for a product on your checkout, so you can get discounts, or finding credits you can redeem as gift cards. There are several ways you can utilize the shopping app to have a better user experience. In the end, the aim is to get you saving as much money as you possibly can, and they’ve proven over time to be one of the best rendering akin services. you can access the capital one site via this URL

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